Productivity? Productivity!

If you want to understand how “productivity” really works, have a look at this lovely little symbiotic relationship:

Today’s Orthodontists’ best friend is evolution!

Turns out all that chewing of grains, tough meat and the occasional stick only a few centuries ago meant we were actually using our jaws.

Today the only connection we have with that past is that we’re ‘wolfing down’ our food, bypassing most of the chewing action.

Great as a time-saver, not so good for our jaws:

completely underutilized they get narrower and narrower, leaving less and less space for our fixed number of teeth.

Meaning plenty of braces and the odd swimming pool full of pulled pearly whites.

(and until evolution just gives us fewer teeth, we’ll continue to have very happy orthodontists)

But, the orthodontist isn’t alone, turns out evolution has another best friend:

The Time-Management guru.

Only a few centuries our to-do lists were easily manageable:

Item #1: get up and chew some grains (tough meat on Sundays)

Item #2: go plough a field/crack some rocks/dig a hole

Item #3: do some more chewing, go to bed

These days, open your inbox and you suddenly have enough action-items to keep you busy for a week.

Enter the time-management guru:

Step #1: Set some BHAGs (big hair audacious goals)

Step #2: (used to be optional, but isn’t anymore): do some serious introspection as to why you suck so badly at being productive, why you’re constantly overwhelmed and you’re procrastinating. (usually you find out that you’re a ‘creative’ type and you’re naturally bad at finishing stuff, or of course as a kid you didn’t chew your grains properly…)

Step #3: Sort your rocks, so you can tackle the big rocks first

Step #4: Make sure you’re “Getting Things Done” by having only really actionable items on your list

Step #5: still get freakin’ overwhelmed by the sheer volume of stuff that needs to get done, and seek out the next guru.


Here’s the simple truth:

Time-management is a massive industry, just like weight-loss.

And neither of them work.


Because they try to fix the “too many teeth” problem, rather than the “heck, we’re all not chewing enough (of the right foods)” problem.

But you keep seeking “time-management” solutions, because ALL of them are very neatly structured like this:

at the end of the day, when you don’t succeed, it’s YOUR fault!:

  • Your vision wasn’t big enough!
  • You didn’t use the fancy leather-bound/mobile-app based rock-sorting time-management system. (aren’t they lovely when you get a new one?)
  • You haven’t figured out just yet what your “limiting beliefs” are
  • You’re not visualizing enough
  • You just “don’t have it”

So, until evolution just gives us a solution to overcoming overwhelm naturally, we’ll continue to have very happy time management gurus.

Unless of course …

… instead of tackling the “overwhelm/procrastination/where the heck do I start problem with braces or by pulling a few teeth” …

… you simply reverse evolution and go back to chewing your grains!

Yes, no more band-aids, but straight to the root of the whole problem:

You see, it’s all got to do with how our brain have evolved to learn new information.

Give me something where I already know 90%, and I can easily pick up the remaining 10%.

Anything beyond that and overwhelm sets in.

Most people who come into “online marketing” or “making money from home” do NOT have a background in marketing. Or working for themselves/building a business.

Meaning: it’s more like 90% new, and 10% already known.

Recipe for disaster. Especially when you’re now trying to battle that overwhelm with BHAGs, fire-quadrants, and trying to persuade your mind with just enough visualization that you can actually fly.

The answer is to work WITH your brain, and put yourself in a position where you start with 90% known, 10% new.

And how to do that in practice (in as little as a sunny Saturday afternoon) we’ll cover here:

Click here to check out our “I want to chew my grains training”



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