Passive Income – Models NOT to use

Here is the first video in the ‘passive income – from confusion to clarity’ series.

this first video is about the different models that are being taught and don’t usually work (for most people). Make sure to watch this so you don’t fall into the trap of ‘oh, this doesn’t work, so let me hop onto the next shiny thing that comes along’

What do you think?

What questions do you have? What wasn’t answered that you really wanted to know? Anything else?

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  1. Thanks again Veit! Soooo tired of all the BS out there that is being sold as the “Next Shiny Object” the you MUST BUY NOW! (because it’s closing soon….”
    Also nice to hear you wife join in 🙂

    • she’s a little ‘timid’ at the moment … which is also a great insight/reminder for me:

      it’s a combination of personality/preference, but of course also experience.

      thinking back to 2007, when I did my first videos, that was awful, took something like 20 takes just to say ‘hello, my name is Veit Schenk’ on camera.

      great reminder that things are obvious and easy for one person, are close to impossible for another


  2. The time you get caught for speeding is always annoying and unfair….but it pays for all the times you do get away with it. And better to pay with money than have an accident.

  3. Helllo Fiona! It’s soooo cool(with a dash of envy 😉 ) to see you guys doing this together! …not sure why but it is

    yeah, 20 takes to say ‘hello’ – I had waaay more than that when I tried doing my first videos last summer

  4. James Woodfield says:

    Thank you for doing this, Veit; I think it’s a great idea, and that it’ll be very useful for a lot of people.
    Many thanks to Fiona, too, for being there on our behalf, and helping us all feel better about not knowing all this stuff already!

    It hadn’t actually occurred to me that this kind of approach, in its various forms, just boils down to ‘traffic arbitrage’.
    And it’s good to find someone who knows what they’re talking about saying openly that
    (a) It’s not really for beginners, and
    (b) It’s not really passive, but ultimately hands-on.

    Instead, it’s often vaunted as the ideal way for someone to start in IM.
    I’m sure there must be many who, failing to make a success of it, have assumed that somehow they’ve been trying to do the thing the wrong way, when what’s really happening is that they’ve been trying to do the wrong thing.

    You and Fiona explained things so well in this first session that I have no questions, but look forward to the next time.

    Thanks again to you both.


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