Passive Income done right

I was approached by friend who had the masterplan to do “affiliate marketing for passive income”.

Her idea was to hijack Internet Marketing launches with tasty bonuses, here’s my take on that plan, and a (IMO;-) better alternative:

either press that cute lil’ play button, or download the audio below it…

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whadd’ya think?




  1. Some great tips, especially about doing non-IM and starting an Adwords relationship w Google.

    Also thank you for the free coaching call, would seem to be a sample = best sales pitch possible.

    • Larry, wasn’t even supposed to be a sales-pitch or sample, just a question I keep getting in one form or another

  2. Hey Veit – great listen… piqued my interest!

    So would need to become an expert at paid traffic to get the most out of that strategy?

    How do you figure out what offers are the one’s to go for, could that only be done from actually testing them out in Adwords?

    What about using this strategy on Facebook, or in your view is Google a better choice?


    • John,

      well, I’d advise against ‘testing’ offers inside Adwords, at least without a very well ‘matured’ Adwords account.

      Reason: Adwords have some internal ‘spam’ list of domains they don’t like, and every time you promote one of them, it obviously raises (yet) another red flag.

      Sadly, there’s no way of knowing in advance.

      Hence my advice to build those sandwich pages, which make much more sense anyway, as you’re building a list. Then again, the ‘super-lazy-style’ obviously works too, but I wouldn’t advise it with a new Adwords account…

      FB might work now, but they’re clamping down more and more, most direct JVZoo links are on their blacklist, so the bare minimum is a redirect/cloak …

  3. Veit, Wow, I think I learned more from this short audio conversation than from some of the high dollar products I have purchased. I am just in the process of setting up a couple of new sites, and will definitely take your advice as to focusing on one specific product and doing it right. Thank you for sharing this info. I will listen to it again to make sure I stay on track.


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