Are Passion And Willpower Needed To “Make It” With Internet Marketing?

I spend a LOT of time talking to people who are either

  • already making it online, or
  • are making it, but not quite at the level they’d been hoping for, or
  • are still hoping to make it.

Either way, there’s one thing most have in common: too much shoving your talents underwater, and not enough celebrating what you’re really good at and passionate about! I’m not saying that because you’re passionate about underwater basket weaving, you should create a business around that very topic. Instead what I’m saying is that you and focus on the business building activities you’re really, really good at: You see, so far, EVERY single person I’ve met, either in person or ‘virtually’, I am 100% convinced, they absolutely, positively ‘have it’ – they have enough horsepower to achieve their goals …. if only those horses were pulling in the same direction! And in far too many cases they’re not! And more often than not, those horses are galloping all over the place, simply because it all ‘makes sense … intellectually’: you ‘should’ build a list, have an evergreen business, have a sales-funnel, diversify traffic, do follow-up marketing, involve your audience with social media, and so on, and on, and on. These are all

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business building activities. But,

  • they all require different skills and talents, and
  • if you try to do them all at once, you’re basically screwed, er, “information overloaded”.

You see, some people are really, really good at systematizing a business. Others love the whole creative side, and they’re in flow when they’re writing copy that really connects with an audience. Others again find their sweet-spot in selling … face-to-face (shock horror for many others) So, I guess the bad news is: if you pick up any ‘ready-made’ training, it’s unlikely to be aligned with your real strengths, with your skills, talents and your passion. The good news is: if you’re willing to step out (or up) a little, you can quickly and easily find your flow in many of the areas that appear to be unappealing. So, for today, let’s focus on the “different skills and talents”: the idea here is to go with your gut-instinct and find out where you’re in flow, and where you’re definitely not. Followed by a final question, which, well, will make sense when you get there;-) NOTE: you MUST complete all 5 questions, otherwise you’re NOT subscribed to the notification list for the FB group! [survey-snatcher id=”3″]  



  1. Jeanette Szwec says:

    Looking forward to this program and to the facebook group

  2. I love that you’re doing something completely different than today’s oppressive launch! Looking forward to it.

  3. Perry Germani says:

    Great idea. Thanks for involving us!! I’m sure we will learn a lot more if we can also engage and interact.

    • Perry, not only learn, but truly “get” … nothing beats seeing some real world responses to what you’re *doing*!


  4. Alan Seletkovic says:

    This promises to be a really interesting experience Dr. (Ge)Schenk 🙂

  5. Fascinating and intriguing concept. Delighted to part of this.

  6. Hi Veit & fellow GETS

    I chose “anyone can do it” because I think it is true. How easily we can do it is quite another issue.

    I’m great with excuses. My best one is I’m passionate about everything… except tiredness 😉

    I know, I know… I need to FOCUS, but heck I keep getting dragged here. Ahhh that’s it… it is all Veit’s fault.:))
    Bring on the headlines, the funnels & lets GETS IT. Veit thanks for a fabulous chance to learn & do!

  7. Pat Parton says:

    I think this will be incredibly educational. What a fresh approach from the usual take the money and vanish, never to be heard from again until next launch. Looking forward to this. I think it will be awesome.

  8. Hi Viet

    What a fantastic concept , and great way to get involved in learning and modeling what needs to be done to get a business off the ground. Thank you for the time commitment on your side.

  9. Forgot to answer half the questions (3rd screen looks nearly identical to the first).

    Now, I’m through and look forward to the FB group 🙂

    Cheers, Alex (Germany)

  10. Ian Pritchard says:

    Nice survey.

    elegantly provided.

  11. i believe I can feel a fresh wind flowing. Thank you for opening it up to me and the others who are participating

  12. Danke Veit, I do not have a Facebook page. Unbelievable nicht war? Do not even have a cell phone. I need to get with the times. How can I get your info otherwise after filling in the survey? PS your submit button I could hardly see….

  13. Veit, looking forward to another learning experience. Thanks for the opportunity.

  14. I have to work at a j.o.b. all weekend but I might have time to participate for awhile depending on what time it happens. Am hoping that if I can’t make it I might be able to view it later and/or read the facebook page at least and maybe pick up some info.

  15. Looking forward to discovering more! I’m sure you’ll be helping a lot of people with this.

  16. I am looking forward to seeing myself in a new light, although I am a little apprehensive about what will be revealed. 🙂

    I think that’s what this is supposed to be about for each of us, to experience in our own way.

  17. Linda Burbank says:

    There’s just something different about what you have to say and how you say it, Veit, which is why I’ve not been able to unsubscribe you from my list! 🙂 And which, by the way, has brought me here. So looking forward to what you have to say!

    • Hola Linda,

      lol, if you don’t mind, I’ll use that as a testimonial, it’s the first time someone has told me they’re “not been able to unsubscribe from my list”;-)


  18. Hi Veit,

    Will this apply to someone who is not in the IM niche?

  19. Hopefully I’m not too late Veit? That will teach me to open my alpha emails on time, if I am 🙂

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