Outsourcing – A Good Form Of Leverage?

Outsourcing is easy,outsourcing as a business growth strategy outsourcing is fun, outsourcing is the only way, an IM business should be run.

Sure, sure, sure. Easy and fun in theory, but as soon as your allegedly highly trained SEO-assassin spins the anchor text “Product Launch Formula” into “Service Takeoff System” you do realize that outsourcing isn’t quite as easy as they make it out to be. So, in this interview with Mark Thompson we talk about the reality of building a real 7 figure Internet Marketing business using outsourcers. Warts ‘n all;-)   On The Move? Right Click Here To Download The MP3 Enjoy Veit PS: Mark has put together a very nice outsourcing product which consists of the actual training course, the custom made project management they use in their business plus all the training modules you to get any outsourcer/VA up to speed. Click here to find out more (note: for the next few hours there’s a 50% off deal exclusively for Veit’s list, so check it out whilst it lasts!)   PPS: when

you now view outsourcing as a form of ‘leverage’ – turns out most entrepreneurs only leverage one dimension of the 3 entrepreneurial dimensions. Meaning they’re totally underutilizing the power of outsourcing!pix


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