One of the WORST Internet Marketing Business Models

I have 4 kids (2 approaching puberty), so I see stupid stuff all the time …

… but a Facebook post I saw yesterday pretty much beats it all – it was one of those ‘witty’ on-liners that got a HUGE positive response.

The one-liner:

Always Be Launching.

Based on nearly a decade of both doing launches, and seeing launches from the outside, I can tell you:

Launches are a TERRIBLE business model!


#1: They are HUGELY stressful.

#2: The income is nowhere near what you think it is:
With JV-support (pretty much essential these days) you’re looking at a profit of at most 25%-35%.

(… and then you have to pay tax on that …)

#3: But, much worse than that:

most launches these days are designed to be ‘one-shot’ (instead of building an asset you can use over and over again)…

… hardly anyone uses the ‘launch’ to truly ‘launch’ a product in the marketplace…

… instead they use it to exploit psychological triggers (scarcity & urgency) …

… meaning usually the price goes up dramatically, thus eliminating the prospect of any further sales.

So, ok,

“launches (done the way they are usually done) are a terrible business model”

is probably more accurate….

… but really, the key message is:

if you’re investing time and energy, you might as well invest it in something that creates an asset that has long-time value (not one-shot) and (ideally) gives you residual, recurring income.


  • creating EVERGREEN products that can be sold with an EVERGREEN promotion (see 2 points down)
  • building an email list
  • a sales/marketing funnel that’s OPTIMIZED and hence spits out more $ than you put into it (using e.g. paid traffic). (with the launch model you never have enough time & traffic to truly optimize the funnel)

Anyway, as a follow-up to the passive income call, I did another coaching call where we cover various points of setting up funnels, selecting a niche/market, paid traffic, etc

Here’s the recording: (click on the player icon, or download the audio)

Right Click here to download the mp3


The highlights:

9min: what do you want to achieve: “I want to sell” -> best model
10:40: “not sure if it’s worth my while … sounds like a lot of work
11:50: “I’m thinking of asking my subscribers what they want” (why not to ‘blog on lots of different topics)
17:30: a great alternative to the stupid launch model
18:30: what actually needs to ‘convert’? End-to-end tracking.
20:00: why can’t I use SEO with PowerPressPro instead of paid traffic? (what about ‘buying keywords’)
23:15: what about retargeting?
25:00: what to do first.
25:45: do you focus on low/medium/high competition?
26:40: “I’m fed up with customer service, I really only want to do affiliate marketing”
27:30: loo-break
29:00: end of loo-break: what kind of testing budget to use
32:15: bing ads vs Google Adwords
33:00: when to stop a campaign
35:05: is the niche going to be oversaturated? How to win if there’s lots of competition
36:36: big picture: how to build a list for free, and then decide if/how to proceed (aff-marketing vs own product)
37:55: with what type of traffic to get started
40:35: what kind of ‘test-budget’ to use and how to know if you’ve found a winner
44:59: do you do CPA offers – how to think about a “big market with lots of problems”

let me know what you think




Cindy Battye’s Covert Commissions model is a pretty good first stab at doing this whole thing from an ‘affiliate perspective’:

although you don’t build a list per-se, ALL commissions generated from that list go to you. So, they are using the “landing-page/freebie model to email-list to offer”-model, and all you need to do is add traffic.

Meaning: you can take the ‘traffic testing approach’ from the coaching call above, and apply it to a ready-made complete funnel AND get paid all commissions for life.


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