One of the top 5 “marketing musts”

I keep debating which one is THE most important “marketing”-principle … and this one certainly makes the top5:



Here are the 3 sites mentioned in the video:

  1. The “everything you’ll ever need to do in marketing”-book
  2. The “I’m not sure what problem it really solves” “blog-post to PDF” converter.
  3. The “Youtube backup software” (that actually solves a real problem)


  1. Tony Crofts says:

    Hi Veit

    In Regard to your comments re Designrr. You don’t know what problem it solves you said.
    Well, I think that’s more because of other info you lack rather than a problem with the software. Lacking that info is perhaps a problem with their marketing or the way you interpreted it. Always tricky.
    Like you, I thought that the product is rather restrictive in it’s capabilities but the for the job I’d use it for, it doesn’t really matter.

    A couple of years ago, plus or minus an ageing brains calendar capabilities, Jack Mize did a program whereby the idea was to use a book as a lead magnet. However, this was not a general issue lead magnet. It was a company/person specific lead magnet. You want to get into a specific company to try to genereate business for them while they pay for your expertise in order to do so. One of the best ways to get their attention is to send them a book which tells them they could do more with their existing content than they are currently doing and then show them the result of how you could do it for them. Here’s how:-

    Do exactly what Paul Clifford shows in the Designrr demo. You grab a lengthy article from your targets website for the content and then, here’s the attention grabber, you get the photo of the person who is depicted on the website, usually the owner, and use it as the cover of the book and list them as being the author. You then send a personalised email (from your template) and offer them their own book for free. Oh! and btw, would you like to know what I can really do for you Mr Prospect.

    Used in this context, Designrr is the ideal program for creating those unique lead magnets extremly fast.

    Even though each book (pdf) has pretty much the same design as the next one it doesn’t matter. Because very often only the prospect target will get to see it, and it’s going to be quite a while before any of them realise that their book is similar to thousands of others. Well, it’s got a different photo on for a start, hasn’t it?

    How well does this idea work? You obviously have to pick your targets to certain criterior. For example, they don’t seem to have an email list, the creation and maintenance of which is exactly what service you could offer. A friend of mine has a very comfortable lifestyle doing exactly that for only about 20 clients. I tried it and got an immediate ‘Come and see me response” Others on Jacks course reported a 70% respose rate. Conversion worked pretty well too. It could be used to promote video services or anything you are good at really. It just provides a very unique ‘in’ to a prospects attention.

    So one problem the prog solves is how to get unique lead magnets fast without having to resort to Fiverr.
    Pity it’s not promoted like that in their advertising.


    Chilli & coffee loving Tony

    • brilliant observation Tony, and spot-on!

      That’s EXACTLY what I was talking about in the video: one problem – one solution. And the one you’re talking about appears to be a very profitable problem, with the perfect solution.



  2. Mike Stevens says:

    Hi Veit- Excellent commentary. I would love to hear more from you on the top 5 marketing musts, their priority, and how to accomplish them as a beginner, novice, and pro. Man, that would be some amazing training my friend! Also, you mentioned there were other easier ways to establish authority without writing 220 page books full of who, what, when, and where fluff, but short on the how to training, and which talk all over the map about a lot in general, but very little in solving one specific problem at a time and in order..

    • Mike, haha, another one for my ‘to-do’ list.

      Short version without too much head-scratching (in random order)

      – give people what they WANT, not what they NEED – and its implications re ‘what’ to put in front of prospects (‘intellectually’ everybody gets it, hardly anybody does it. Study the snake-oil men, they’re very good at it;-)
      – have a FOUNDATION in place … something (no matter how rudimentary) where you can quickly TEST ideas. Everything else leads to overwhelm.
      – the one problem/one solution of course … but also applied to your own learning & implementing. Get good at 1 traffic source, focus on 1 funnel, test 1…
      – obviously the rule that rules them all: you must TEST. It’s the ONLY way to get consistent and reliable results. Everything else is either luck or stabbing in the dark.
      – accept that buying decisions are done ’emotionally’, and logic has very little to do with it (sooo easy to forget when you’re ‘close’ to your product)

      I’d say these are hot candidates for the top 5 – simply because if you ignore either/any of them, it’s an uphill struggle that’ll wear you out in the long run.



  3. Paul Clifford says:

    Mate I think you’ve had too many gin and tonics while doing this review. I have a lot of respect for your videos… But seriously.. This one??

    Come on..

    Paul Clifford

    • Hey Paul,

      (in case you’re reading this: Paul is the creator of Designrr) – as always, that’s my personal opinion, but at the same time: apologies if I came across too harsh.

      I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I think it was the disconnect between what it does and how it was marketed (in this case it was aimed at the MMO masses (more or less), and that’s fine, that’s how you make 5000+ sales, congrats on that btw).

      after logging in, I genuinely had no idea what to do with it and if you look at the majority of the demo-pages set up by all the other JV-reviewers, it looks like many of them struggled with the same question: “what now?”

      Now that I’ve dug in (plus had plenty of feedback & input from my subscribers) I “get it” – and that’s precisely the point of the video: it shouldn’t take ‘having to dig’ to ‘get it’ – you’re much better off having a really obvious problem with a really obvious solution. And that’s what I didn’t find (at least initially)


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