On “Secrets” and “Shortcuts”

So the other day, Quentin asks what my “secret” is (best read ‘from the bottom up, i.e. in chronological order) QuentinSecretSauce Of course, as discussed in the pick ‘n stick post from a few days ago:

“The secret is that there is no secret. Except, there is a secret.

Or, in a few more words: The secret that’s not there is that there is some ‘magic power’, shortcut or trick you don’t know about (but hey, you can buy it for only $XXX…, or so they tell you) The secret that’s there, (but it’s just so dang un-sexy, noone wants to tell you about) is this: you need to pick ONE plan, and iron out the kinks as go you along. But of course, the

real ‘secret’, the real shortcut is picking a plan that has an extremely high probability of leading to success in the first place. And that’s the topic of our upcoming “Email Mastery” Webinar, where you’ll learn how to pick a plan to email mastery that actually has an extremly high probability of success.

Click here to register for the upcoming Email Mastery Webinar.

Note: it’s LIVE only, no replays! And another note: I’ll let you in on another secret: everybody tells you you MUST do social. Sure, sells their courses. The big secret is that email still outsells social and ALL OTHER FORMS of online marketing by a massive margin: http://blog.getresponse.com/email-roi-4000-new-dma-report.html Meaning: if you don’t have an effective email follow-up ‘machine’ in place, this might be a good time to start! Looking forward to having you on the call! Veit PS: in this post I’m using a ‘secret’ little ninja trick that helps attract the right kind of attendees to the call. Care to guess what it is? I’ll do a “secret sauce” hotseat review of an email of your choice for the first person to get the right answer!



  1. using mystery to create a sense of intrigue in my mind… makes me want to find out what the secret izz!

    Because I want secrets and shortcuts.

    I want to find out how to NOT waste my time and any little strategy that helps me save time and be more effective is good.

    I’m qualified for this blog post for that reason.


    PS – did I get it right? lol

    • ha, if there was too much mystery, that was NOT my intention.

      in general, yes, blind bullets & mystery work quite well (your mind needs to have the answer before it can concentrate on something else), but, overdone it’s a nuisance.

      So, in this case, the answer is: no, it’s not ‘mystery’ and suspense


  2. You are targeting your email to those who are focused on doing on one thing. Now what is that one thing? Plus you are offering scarcity in that one must attend to get the desired info.


    • Hey Joe,

      very close, if noone else ‘nails’ it, you’re the winner. You’ve got one half of the equation spot-on, and the question is: what’s the other half? And why is that so powerful?


  3. Martin Kruusement says:

    Is the trick “no replays”? To get people who are serious enough to be willing to commit their time to learning stuff immediately?


    • Martin,

      no, it’s not “no replays”. Yes, scarcity works, but the use of scarcity could be viewed more like a “trick”, or “secret”.

      if the foundation isn’t there, then yes, a “trick” or “shortcut” may get you short-term results, but usually not the desired outcome.

      The other day I did some consulting with a company who want to use PPC to target “everyone”, in the hope that some of the masses of people clicking through might be interested in what they actually have to offer.

      the ideal ad for them would be “free beer” or something like that … a “trick” to get people in. But, the fundamental approach is obviously broken, so they won’t get the results they’re after (and yes, they’re dead set on doing this, couldn’t convince them that what they really needed was some proper targeting….)

      So, “no replays” isn’t the “fundamental” thing we’re after


  4. Okay, I’ll bite. It’s the “only live, no replay” part, I think

  5. The biggest mystery is where to sign up! I’m sure that is the point of all this training… knowing where to sign up. Obviously Cosmo deserves the prize… he must know where to sign up… 😉

    Ahhh… I figured it out… it is about plans… sticky ones… ;;))

  6. To me, “social” is a means to gaining subscribers.

    Getting subscribers is of course the prerequisite to marketing with email.

    Nowadays, “social” seems to be a very effective way to gain subscribers.,
    paid or organic, which is how we used to get subscribers when search engines
    were not doing their slapping.

    So, can you give the “metrics” on why “social” might not be effective in getting subscribers?

    • Hey Wai,

      *PERFECT* point, social is great for gaining subscribers (incidentally, it’s even better at deepening a relationship). It’s not so great for targeted follow-up (unless you’re striking up a 1-on-1 conversation, which really takes the conversation “offline”, i.e. away from the social media environment anyway).

      People complain about low open rates or low CTRs, well, when you think about it, your average FB post only reaches single-digit percentages of your ‘followers’, so it’s not like social media is THE perfect platform for reaching everyone.

      The main ‘problem’ with using social for leadgen is that most people approach from the typical “squeeze-page” angle: here’s some cool stuff, sign up, and I’ll pitch you something.

      when you’ve got a cold/non-existing relationship, that’s not the ideal way of doing it … remember, people are engaging in something fundamentally social, so you’re interrupting them, unlike in the search-engines where they’re *looking* for a solution for a particular problem.


  7. Is the ninja trick about it being live without a replay? This would get interested people chomping at the bit to attend because they feel like this is possibly a one and done webinar where the secrets that they are all looking for will be answered and if they miss out they will never know. It gets interested people who are looking for something to attend and no just be window shopping

    • Rob, very close as your answer is very similar to Joe’s answer.

      So, “half” the equation is “not just window shopping”, or “focused on just one thing” as Joe put it.

      it’s the good ol’ “JIT” (Just in time) as opposed to … well, the other one I keep mentioning in my emails, or probably somewhere here on the blog;-)


  8. Veit, you have taken us on an engaging no BS journey to a SOLUTION – ‘Email Mastery’. Only those that are looking for an effective email strategy are going to read, and absorb, the post all the way to the end. This is where – WHAM BAM – you alert ‘the right kind of attendee’ to the PROBLEM they are having with a gentle call to action – ‘If you don’t have an effective email strategy it may be a good time to start’. Very ninja indeed!

    • Hey Stevo,

      ha, now I’m in a pickle, because just like Joe and Rob, you’re about 3/4 there.

      So, yes, it’s all about alerting the right ones with a no BS journey, but that’s only part of the equation.

      The full equation?

      ah well, you’ll have to attend the webinar, I’ll go through it there;-)

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