Old Year’s Resolutions

walk-3641_640cHey there, hope you’re having a great time readying yourself for 2014 (and if you’ve already made the ‘jump’: Happy New Year to you!) Had the pleasure of being in charge of “video evidence” at the end of the local 10k running race: it’s the last race (obviously;-) in the local running calendar, and over the years it’s grown to a nice 1000-strong starter field … … and with a field that large you always end up with a handful of idiots who find that the official time is 3 seconds off the time on their own watch, and they threaten to sue the organizer. So, my job: video all runners at the finish and read out their starting number. mhmm …. 3 seconds, really? …. if you think about it, 3 seconds more or less makes no difference to anybody’s life. Especially when you’re finisher #483 out of 1000. But, for some people life has turned into something that’s either black, or it’s white. Nothing in between. I mean, yes, either you’re pregnant or you’re not. either you’re vegan, or you’re not. but, 3 seconds? which brings me to my Old Year’s Resolutions: here’s a quote by Oscar Wilde (thanks to the lovely Amanda Craven for digging it out):

“Good resolutions are simply checks that men draw on a bank where they have no account.”

So, rather than start the new year with things I already know (at least deep down) I won’t have the will-power, experience, mind-and-skill-set to achieve, I’m going with things I’ve begun to work on already, things where I’ve already made progress and I now want to take it to the next level. And for me, in 2014 #1 is slowing

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things down.road-90390_640 Being in the moment. And letting go of the 3 seconds more or less. Think about it: one of the main reasons why many people get into IM is “freedom”. Only to find out they’re now paying for that ‘freedom from working for someone else’ with a lifestyle where you constantly feel you have to be online, check stats, make sure campaigns are running, you’re up-to-date with the latest and greatest. So, yes, you may have freedom, but it’s rarely truly ‘free time’ where you can be in the moment and take in, and genuinely ‘be at one’. Now, in case you’re wondering, it’s not “just” an idea, it’s a real plan! Including attracting customers who appreciate, or even long for “slowness”. the way I see it, we’re brainwashed into thinking that ‘rapid growth’, fast ‘n easy is the way forward. But do we really need Amazon to pollute our skies with drones so we can take delivery of the thing we just cannot wait for in 2h instead of 24? (incidentally, something really rather sinister is happening here too to us as a society: it’s been shown over and over again that one of the KEY elements of success is your ability to delay gratification! And having ‘instant’ on everything is the polar opposite of just that!) The only thing I need to work on is the title of the book …. “Slow Business Growth” … just don’t see that having mass-appeal;-) take it easy … and slow: appreciate what you have! have a fabulous start to 2014! Veit  



  1. Slow things down, and Be in the Moment = yes. Like: Stop and Smell the Roses . Why run 10K and be missing everything, especially when you become exhausted and can not see anything much except where to put you foot next, as you gasp for air?

    “Slow Business Growth” will not likely sell, and may not be your desire if mainly you wish people to tone it down? If indeed you mean to Grow Slowly maybe you can help us understand how the Swiss seem to have a non-expanding stable population (do they?) and still manage to have World Class industries (precision made products, high quality steel, wonderful chocolate!)?? Does Capitalism always need expansion and growth, or should I ask, is the most growth always going to give the biggest profits?

    It might seem we could be slow and steady about how we treat our current customers as they are the lowest cost source of future sales (internal growth). We could improve or further develop current products, and not expand our line so quickly. Higher quality should command a higher profit margin.

    As for the 3 seconds, well many keep score by numbers, and seek to beat their Personal Best. Company profits are often judged compared to numbers from the prior year(s). While you would be welcome to have a discussion on “Good Enough” profits with better personal moments or interactions, remember to maintain quality as the hungry competition is still there (unless our stuff is unique or unopposed)?

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