Why No “Squeeze” Page?

Alrighty, let’s begin with the big question:

Why Is There No Squeeze-Page On This Blog?

The answer is simple:

Squeeze-pages put an artificial barrier between YOU and the value I’ve got to offer.

If you are at the stage of the buying cycle where you want to check me out, find out if you can trust me, if you like me and if maybe I can help you on your journey, then why would I force you to hand over your email address?

So that I can spam you with tons of pitches maybe? Heck, not my style – and if you look at what’s happening Online, people are increasingly consigning you to the spam-folder if you do anyway). Plus, if you’ve read the OnlineRules, you will hopefully agree that building someone else’s business is never such a great idea!

So, check out my free content, and if you like it and you WANT to join my mailing list (because you’ll get updates of what’s going on on this blog, announcement when I create new products, and often enough ask you some questions), then you can, down below.

But if you want to lurk for a little while longer, there’s no need to give me your email, or to hand over your Facebook wall to me, just so you can get to my content.

And hey, if you want to get in touch with me personally, check out the Coaching page.

Here you go, if you WANT to keep in touch, just leave your name and email in the box below and hit the lovely sign up button:

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  1. Matthew Newnham says:

    Hey Veit,

    The more I see from you, the more I love about what you do and how you go about it. That puts you in a very small group. Thanks so much for the insights you share, and more importantly, the example you set.

    Best wishes from Scotland,


  2. Hey Veit,

    Good stuff. If I’m already getting emails from you should I just stay where I am or is there a bigger, better, faster, bionic list to get on to receive your latest Internet Marketing wisdom?


  3. Nice squeeze-page Veit! 😉

  4. Enjoyed the webinar via Innocent. Good stuff thank you, Viet. Not sure I got it all first time, it was very different content in some respects, compared to the norm!

  5. very nice and original idea for a squeeze page.

  6. Alex (another one :) says:

    Hey Veit

    This comment IS NOT for you so just skip it (i don’t want your head get too big :p )

    This comment is for you fellow internet marketer/online entrepreneur/whatever you chose to call yourself 🙂

    If you’ve never “met” Veit online before (read his posts on forums, other blogs’ posts, etc) and you somehow just discovered this page – don’t listen to his advice about “…lurk for a little while, then come back and subscribe” because you might miss out big time…
    your phone will ring or someone will ping you on skype or FB message will pop up or something else might grab your attention and you’ll forget to come back here

    So why you don’t want to miss out on this?
    Because Veit is the one of the most genuine and TRUEst marketers i’ve seen and am subscribed to (for around 2 years now, i think)
    And like Matthew said in the comment above, the content Veit shares and the way he does it puts him on a very small list of people whos emails i ALWAYS open and read.
    No BS, very insightful and helpful emails guys, always trying to focus you on fundamental things in online or offline business that are most effective, and profitable for a long term. And thats based on his own experience – Veit does what he teaches on a daily basis.
    Always trying to stir you away from chasing “shiny objects”, latest “secrets” and “loopholes”.
    If Veit reviews a product in his email he will not just tell you to “buy buy buy” every time, he will often warn you NOT to get sucked in in some latest and greatest launch and explains why it’s a waste of time and money (which i believe causes him to be banned from some gurus’ “friends list” 🙂 )
    even when he recommends any product he would ALWAYS(or in most cases) tell you why it might be not good for you, and he’ll try to make you “stop” and think if you really need it or if its going to help you – very few people do that as you might have noticed.
    Another thing (yeh i haven’t finished here 🙂 is Veit actually reads and replies back to YOUR emails and takes time to help when ever possible (won’t obviously last forever because when the number of your subscribers reach certain point it becomes impossible and not practical to read and answer *every* email) but the point is he really cares about helping you.
    And apart from all that Veit is just a really “cool geezer” 🙂 and many of his emails/blog posts will make you chuckle 🙂

    shoot… this is waaaaay longer then “i’ll drop a few lines” that i originally intended 🙂

    anyway, i was going to do a “testimonial” and say “thank you” to Veit for ages and this is long overdue so maybe it can serve as such as well

    and seriously guys – subscribe to Veit’s updates

    you’ll be glad you did!


  7. Yes… I’ve just started to pay attention to what Veit says in his emails, and although I think they are too long-winded sometimes, I almost always believe what they say. Very refreshing that there isn’t always a push to buy. I myself am going through a process of weeding out the hype and just going with what feels genuine aka authentic… something I aspire to in general for myself. Gonna ignore all the sales pitches and “Shoulds”, and start listening for what sounds real. Thanks for being real Veit.

    • Sharolyn, lol, yes, they tend to be longer than your usual “hey, you *should* check this out…”, but I hope the content makes up for it.



    • Leila Rhoden says:

      Actually, I much prefer long winded emails with personality over those that just say something like: “Hey…check this out.”

  8. Michael says:

    As usual: fun, factual and friendly.

    Thumbs up Veit.

  9. Hey Veit,
    I love your soft sell approach, that is, providing content and value and not “pushing” people to sign up or buy wso’s etc.

    However, I have to wonder, is it working? That is, the reason IMers do squeeze pages and hard sells, oto’s and funnels and all that stuff… is because it WORKS.

    So while I would rather do it your way, I wonder if I’d be more successful doing it the traditional squeeze page way…?

    • Hey Mike,

      right now I’m not selling at all on onlinerule.com, apart from the rather soft presentation of my coaching.

      This may change in the future, but for now this is more an informational site, rather than a selling site.

      And yes, you’re right: especially when you’re dealing with a mass-market, squeeze-pages and targeted follow-up are/can be very effective.

      this changes towards the ‘high-end’ end of things: you simply put your stuff out there so people can convince themselves (rather than be persuaded) that what you’ve got is right for them.

      Most of the enquiries I’m getting for coaching are not because I hammered people with the offer, but it’s more like “hey Veit, I’ve been following you for a while, tell me more about your coaching”



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