No Yuck Marketing Part 2 – TOP Models Sell Better Than Anything Else

Le voila, part 2 of “No Yuck Marketing”.
Part 1 was about pleasing your prospects and clients, this 2nd part is all about pleasing your bank-manager.
And what better way than using TOP-Models?;-)

let me know what you think!


PS: the workbook (“homework”;-) is coming out early next week. If you’d like to be notified when it’s ready (plus a heads-up when the third video is ready), just enter your email below. And yes, it’s 100% no-yuck, permission-based! The only thing you’ll get is the homework and the video-heads-up!



  1. Thank you Veit, so much valuable information! I’m going to use this knowledge wisely.

  2. What do you mean by brand? Is it a image of yourself or having a logo created for your website or some kind of catch phrase.

    Thanks Rich

    • Hey Rich,

      nope, brand really isn’t about you, and it’s not really something tangible, it’s about the *positioning* in people’s minds.
      What do they think of when they hear your (or your company’s) name?
      And what actions do they take?

      Images do help, catch-phrases do help (when done properly) – but they’re only part of the branding process



  3. Veit,
    that was a good summary/overview.
    Might have been a little shorter, maybe a tad quicker/more dynamic (but that might be just me).
    And: using the BAW (Big Ass Whiteboard) could maybe use just a little more planning 😉

  4. Great video. Don’t over polish your technique, please. Natural and informative is the format for me, every time. Thanks Sean.

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