Never make the same mistake twice – how to take advantage of the next gold-rush!


Have you ever made a really stupid decision

where years later you wish you could “scream back in time” at your younger self and tell yourself to do things differently?

Like me NOT buying a lovely 3-bedroom house in an up-and-coming area in east Oxford when I moved there in 1997 …

… then to be had for a measly £85.000 … now on the market for a cool £2.000.000

and the thing I would like to “scream back at myself” is:

you had the cash in the bank to buy THREE of these, the banks were EAGER to give you the mortgage … and all the mortgage payments would’ve been covered by the tenant’s rent anyway … and then some


Now, have you ever missed out on a gold-rush …

… just because you didn’t see it, or you believed the nay-sayers, or you just didn’t have the tools to really milk it for what it’s worth?

Like me setting up a handful of Adsense sites in 2007, and DESPITE them making $5-$15 a day EACH, I listened to those who kept saying “yeah, but this ‘fad’ will be going away”.

Well, guess what?

It did go away.

But not until plenty of people bought themselves fancy cars, holidays and great houses using their Adsense earnings. Even GBP 2.000.000 houses in East Oxford.



Would you like to know what many consider to be the greatest gold-rush of all time?

So great, that none other than best-selling author and leading social-media thinker Gary Vaynerchuck is comparing this current gold-rush to the good ol’ Adsense and Adwords days!

Except, it’s bigger than Adsense!

And bigger than the good ol’ days when you could get Google Adwords clicks for pennies, and direct linking to affiliate offers were allowed

(and people were paying for cars, holidays, and fancy East Oxford houses with their winnings?)

Well, it’s simply this 3 word magic bullet:

Facebook dark-post advertising

You heard right:

Dark Post (or Newsfeed) advertising is rapidly becoming THE best way to advertise your business.


Here we are with the ability to sell ‘stuff’ in the Facebook news feed:

  • You can sell T-shirts … if you are so inclined
  • You can sell affiliate products
  • You can sell your own products
  • You can build the downline of your MLM company
  • You can sell real-estate (or help real estate agents sell real-estate)
  • You can reach local customers and sell them your product or service
  • You can find customers for your ecommerce store
  • You can find customers for your Amazon store
  • You find find customers for your eBay store
  • You can even sell your Kindle books through dark-posts

However, there is a MUCH bigger opportunity hidden in the Facebook news feed:

And – credit where credit is due – in large parts I picked this up from Andre Chaperon, which is why (with his permission;-) I suggest you have a look at this easy (and quick) to read 6-page report he just released:

Pay attention to 2 things:


Have a look on Page 2:

See the “S_____, S________ & S__________” model?

Ask yourself this:

“How can I separate those out using Newsfeed ads?”



Page 5, step 1 (of 2):

Prove that you can …. C____________ & C____________.

Have you EVER seen an easier way of doing this than Facebook Newsfeed/darkpost ads?

Now, yesterday I promised you some exciting results.

Our own testing.

Of FB darkpost ads.

Check this out – it’s a screenshot of one of our Clickbank accounts.

CB Earnings Per Hop for NF ads sensational

Obviously, I had to blur the actual tracking IDs, but pay attention to everything highlighted in yellow.

As you can see, all of those tracking IDs start with ‘fb’.

Which – surprise, surprise – are the tracking IDs for the ads that …

… drum-roll …

are FB newsfeed ads.

5 winners.

To the tune of $5.12, $27.65, $69.12, $10.63 and $4.76 PER HOP!

A hop in FB terms is a CLICK.

Each of those clicks cost us $0.52 on average.


Each $0.52 click translates into $5.12. Mhmm, nice, factor 10 return on investment.

Each $0.52 click translates into $27.65. Mhmm, nice factor 50 return on investment.

Each $0.52 click translates into $69.65 …. Starting to get quite obscene, isn’t it?

Now, don’t get me wrong!

Not all campaigns are winners!

The 4 campaigns at the bottom made NO sales whatsoever.

So they LOST money. (we still had to pay $0.52 on average per click)

But, that’s where the power of FB newsfeed ads comes in.

You can control these down to the minute.

You watch your stats.

You don’t like them.

You switch’em on or off as you please.

Terminate the losers, increase the volume on the winners.


So, please do yourself a favour …

… you jump and get in front of it, okay?

Pick your ONE model where you’re going to go for the gold …

… doesn’t matter if it’s affiliate marketing, your own product, MLM, ecommerce, Fulfillment by Amazon, eBay, …

Find yourself some highly targeted audiences, and heed Andre’s advice on pages 2 and 5.

Then go for it!


PS: turns out, there was a reason WHY I didn’t jump on the property bandwagon in 1997. (and seriously, I could still kick myself for not doing it! A very realistic £6 *MILLION* I missed out on!)

The very same reason why I didn’t follow-through with another million-dollar project in 2006 (in the skiing niche)

And the very same reason why I didn’t build an Adsense empire back in 2000-2007.

Well, didn’t I suggest that I learned from my mistakes, and here I am continually missing out on yet another massive opportunity?

Mhmm, not quite so fast … as you’ll discover tomorrow, where I’ll show you what the 1 missing ingredient was for me … so you can learn from it and don’t have to make the same mistake I made.

PPS: if you’re looking for “the one” … as in: “the one” model that works for you, check out the interview with Dave Tropeano from a couple of days ago. In it, we talk about “what does it take to succeed” … and “what kind of person has what it takes?” Very enlightening stuff!





  1. Thanks for the blog info. I also got Andre’s + Cool Dave’s pdf earlier this morning.
    Found It basic…profound and often leaped over when setting up a marketing campaign for
    a product or service.


    BTW: I agree with the WP update to 3.9…..quite a few of my wp plugs are found ” broken ”
    days and weeks after a WP upgrade….so I try not to be on the ” bleeding-leading edge “….!

    • Hey Dennis,

      yes, sadly “basic, profound and often leaped over” is the norm, it’s just not ‘sexy’ to do ‘fundamental’ stuff (that works and gets you results) when you have all those exciting ‘new’ things.

      and lol, we only went for ‘new’ on WP because they keep telling us that only the latest version is ‘hack-proof’…



  2. I presume that this was direct linking to Clickbank, Veit.

    If so, how did you clock the affiliate link?


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