My biggest ‘mistakes’ from 9 years of doing ‘online marketing’


this is the stuff where I wish I could travel back in time, and tell myself NOT to do it…

and no, it’s not the obvious ones (like “you should build a list”), but goes much deeper than that.

Yes, it’s 27-odd minutes, so an ‘investment’ of time, but I’m pretty confident, you’ll get a lot out of it.

If you do (and even if you don’t), I’d love to hear from you what specifically resonates with you – leave a comment below the video(s). (the 2nd video is something I reference in the first video)

And here’s the “which dream has chosen you” video:

thoughts? Insights? Leave a comment below!



  1. Jim Ellis says:

    You reached into your Soul very very deeply. Very Creative with the cycle of wants & needs with pure beauty in your focus on Life Building Customer Service! Prayers of love& blessings to you & yours.
    I am delighted beyond measure that you are teaching on-line for the world will see the unfolding of your Dream(s). Thank you for the frankness & honesty that will bless the school+ your Wife and your four children.
    The video on Dreams is one that will spiritually enrich the world.
    All the best with A I.

  2. Veit, glad I took the time to watch the video… it made me understand so many of the same problems that I have had over this past 5-6 yrs of “playing” at IM!
    My “fear of loss” has been my biggest thing holding me back:
    1 – never knowing WHAT to focus on convinced me that there was ALWAYS something better that just came out to buy and start.
    2 – starting many projects with the idea that MAYBE one will be the right one
    3 – never finding enough time to fully complete and get running any one of the many projects.
    I know that there is something that will work and I just don’t want to take the chance on devoting ALL my focus/time on ONE project when in my easily distracted mind I keep believing that more “fishing lines in the water” will result in a better chance of catching a fish… problem is that NONE of those lines were set with the right bait, tied correctly or had the best hooks on them!

  3. Did not think I would watch the whole video….. but I did . Excellent information Veit and very useful no matter what stage of the journey the reader is at. Well done

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