musty toes, rat-hunting, and BBQs

hehe, challenge to self is to write an outrageous headline, then come up with a marketing email that makes sense.

Here we go;-)

The Musty Toes is easy as there are 2 reason for writing about them:

a) the corporate world has far too much “toeing the line” (and as a result nothing ever gets done), something that’s relevant when you’re pitching your services to the corporate world: (7min case-study I recorded this morning)

b) the 2nd use is – without calling out anyone specific, ahem person (;-) – a fine example of how the “you must have a back-end, and the best way is to add a coaching program”-BS has truly entered la-la-land.

FFS … if you’re brand new, and you have a single (and not exactly stellar) launch under your belt, PLEASE for the love of all that is holy (and your self-respect … and that of your prospects) … wait until you have a few years of REAL experience under your belt, been there, done that, and actually worn through the T-shirt.

And then (and only then) offer a coaching program.



Well, let’s go with the good ol’ “I smell a rat”: (or: it’s a lemon!?)

yet another “push-notification” service hits JVZoo-land and you can get it for a one-off fee.
(brought to you by a bunch of marketers who are … well, not exactly known for their long-term support of their programs)

And that’s precisely the problem:

if you invest in a push-notification service … you’re basically building an ASSET.

And when that asset suddenly becomes worthless because that program is no longer supported, well, all your work was for nothing.

You’re much better off (IMO) in investing in only a handful of services you truly NEED, and then pay your monthly fee … so you can sleep soundly in the knowledge that when you wake up tomorrow, your ASSETS are still going to be there.

(in case you want my coaching-input: the reason these ‘incredible special offers’ are so appealing is because they’re pure impulse purchases based on the *hope* that somehow that magic tool is going to make up for the lack of having truly fine-tuned the MESSAGE (that resonates with your ideal target audience)).

One-off-payment-push-BS is “MARKETING over MESSAGE” … and I have yet to see a case where that’s successful in the long run!


Well, I’ve got something cooking. It’s tasty. Almost 10 years of ‘experience’ all distilled into one easy to digest package.

What’s best, it’s free;-)

watch this space – should be ready in the next couple of days


PS: the subject line was inspired by the fact that someone with a name almost like the first bit was talking about offering a “coaching” program, we just got a rat-trap to catch some voles that are messing with my vegetable-garden, and of course I’m about to light the BBQ;-)



  1. Call to action… once upon a time there was a www, then clever electronic buttons to push & then there was electronic excreta exploding everywhere… the beginning…

    Push Leads (better known as Push Follows!!!)

    I must admit, I’m less & less supportive of my across the ditch mate Sam.

    My biggest problem with this is it simply does what Push Responce does, without obviously acknowledging that service (say by comparing the 2 services). The obviously bit is because I could not find a reference to it!

    Personally I think it will get easier to offer support for these services through the Philippines & India. As to whether they have set that up yet, I’m yet to see it.

    BBQ festives:

    Are they best summarized as Vole… aaahh… ;)))

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