Mr President – How do you do Facebook Marketing correctly?

Had a delightful lil’ conversation with a spammer on Facebook just a couple of days ago:


which of course leads to the question:

“So, Mr President, how do you do Facebook marketing without looking like an a**hole?”

But, you may look at it from another angle:

Just today I was talking to Joseph, who does a terrific job driving tons of traffic on Facebook.

Check out these stats:


Totals views is the number of times his aweber optin-forms got displayed (as a result of someone clicking on his ads!), total leads is the number of people who actually signed up.

So, pure awesomeness: Joseph can drive thousands of people from FB to his landing page!

But, oh, oops, what’s this:

0.6% signup rate.

that’s not very good, now is it.

And so we spent a good hour getting to the bottom of it.

Good news is: it can be fixed.

Bad news: it took Joseph 5 months to get to this point.

5 months that are now pretty much wasted.

So, Mr President, how do I make sure I don’t waste my time advertising on Facebook?

Well, I suggest you check out this video, which will give you some big a-has!


Different from what everybody else is telling you, isn’t it?

Imagine, what your business could look like if you took an approach like that!

I’m betting you’d still get those cheap clicks, BUT – you’d actually get sales from those clicks!

Not wasting five months on Facebook with cheap clicks that don’t convert.

(incidentally, most of the “hey, this is how you get cheap clicks on FB” courses you see, er, advertised on FB, are based on the original course FBInfluence by Amy Porterfield, except all the copy-cats left out the good stuff, namely the stuff the video above talks about! If you’re after a proper FB course, you might as well get the original that actually covers the important bits!)

insights? a-ha moments?

let me know, leave a comment below!








  1. Social marketing in this sense reminds me of Frank Kerns ‘outcool the competition’ 🙂

    The guy in de video definitely is cool and to the point!

    Cheers, Alex

  2. Veit you twit, it is a bloody TV (used to be a man, probably is still pre-op), you must stop searching these people out!

    • Now, now Ian… Let’s go easy on the poor girl (and yes, I reckon it’s a guy too from the way the testosterone suddendly started flowing…)

  3. Well Mr.President that guy is your new head of marketing!

    Spot on and exactly what Lynn Terry is teaching in SMR.

  4. A little help for people that no longer find google alerts useful. Good commentary, acute information from the video.

  5. Give people what they want, when they want it… & charge a fee… gosh I feel like giving!… ‘)

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