MonkeyPlayr Review

Here’s a quick review of MonkeyPlayr

Great video-player for video-owners who don’t want to pay e.g. for Wistia, Amazon S3 or Vimeo (or are fed up with their poor performance, see the video for my experience), …

… or …

… for those who want to ‘curate’ other people’s content and use it for their own marketing (again, explained in the video).



  1. One core thing to keep in mind with using Youtube for hosting business videos is to make sure that you always have a backup version of the video stored outside of Youtube. Maybe the best combination of tools here is to use Youtube for streaming of the videos and something like Amazon S3 for storing a backup copy.

    I’ve had business clients pulling there hair out over having lost many years of videos because their Youtube account got banned or accidentally deleted.

    • been there, done that. The funniest (NOT!) thing is that Youtube/Google still show my old channel to me … highlighted as terminated – as if to rub it in my face (or a reminder: be a good boy and make sure nobody ever hits the spam-complaint button under any of your videos, because when they do, we’ll ban your account)

  2. Hi Veit –

    So that’s not really a true removal of the YouTube branding/logo and to me it also looks like a bit of a ‘cumbersome’ method of doing that as well?

    Are we sure that YouTube still won’t decide this method of basically hiding their logo is effectively against their terms.. and end up having our accounts banned?

    Although I haven’t used them, out of interest why is Wistia so bad, I thought they were one of the better services?


    • John,

      as usual, there are no guarantees in life…

      re Wistia: what annoys me most is that they’re only streaming at single speed – meaning you can’t use a download manager to download at high speeds, or use a tool like myspeed (enounce) to speed up the watching. And as I know that quite a few of my viewers use such tools to breeze through video content, I don’t want to put that limitation in their way…

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