Millionaire Copywriting Mastermind Review

Q: Whom Do John Carlton, Million Dollar Mike Morgan & Mike Koenigs Call When They Have ANY Question about Writing Emails That Convert?

A: Big Jason Henderson!


Here’s what John Carlton has to say about Big Jason:

And here’s what Mike Morgan has to say about Big Jason:

And here’s what Mike Koenigs has to say about Big Jason:

Here’s how Big Jason helped Revolution Golf create their biggest launch ever:

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(or on LinkedIn:

Here’s How You Can Get Big Jason Henderson To Review YOUR Emails For (almost) Free!

In March 2014, a wonderful new resource called “Millionaire Copywriting Mastermind” was released, featuring the insights of the top copywriters in the industry, including e.g. John Carlton himself!

To celebrate this new product, we have arranged for an exclusive webinar with Big Jason Henderson, where he personally goes through YOUR emails and builds them into masterpieces!

This exclusive webinar takes place on Thursday April 17th, @ 10am Pacific.

If you cannot make it, you get recordings of the webinar!

The insights you’ll get from this are priceless!

Jason normally charges $1000 per hour – this is your chance to pick his brains for the price of a couple of drinks you’d buy him if you met him at a bar.

How To Claim Your “Yes, Jason, I’d Like You To Turn My Emails Into Masterpieces” Bonus

Step 1: Click Here To Get The Millionaire Copywriting Mastermind (opens in a new tab)

Step 2: Immediately after enrolling, you’ll be taken to the JVZoo portal (the payment processor).

  • Inside that portal, you’ll see a ‘Bonus’ section – look out for the “Jason Henderson Bonus”.
  • You MUST register for that webinar, so you can attend live or get the recordings!
  • You will NOT get the recordings if you don’t register!

 See just a couple of comments from people who’ve already signed up for Millionaire Copywriting Mastermind



So, not only are you getting immense value in the form of the actual product, but also the exclusive bonus where YOUR emails are put through the ringer by none other than Big Jason Henderson

Enrol In The Millionaire Copywriting Mastermind & Claim Your “Big Jason” Bonus Now!

Hot of the Press: New “Cliff-Notes” Bonus!

You will get access to my personal ‘cliff-notes’ – annotated summaries of all 7 interviews, with all the highlights, and practical applications in the real world!

You get these at the same time as the live webinar with Big Jason! (April 17)


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