Local Businesses Are NOT Buying FB Ads!

It’s official, local business owners are NOT buying FB ads – at least when sold the ‘traditional’ way (“hey, d’ya wanna do some FB?”)

Now, the interesting part is the WHY and HOW to do it right.

And the insight by the customer towards the end of the Bloomsberg piece shows you exactly WHY traditional/direct FB advertising does not work that well for many small businesses, and also, a hint on how to do it right!

Incidentally, the very same issue is highlighted in this short video which shows you the 2 main areas for traffic (search-engines & media-buys, in this case on the Google content network & Facebook)

The solution?

Forget about offering “hey, we’ll do paid FB campaigns for you” and instead focus on doing lead-generation using media-buys … no matter if it’s Facebook, the Google content network or going directly to site-owners.

It’s a win-win all round:

no risk and uncertainty for the business owner, much more control on your part, and of course, once you’ve proven yourself, a business owner who is eager to pay you your monthly fee … because as long as the ROI is right, the one thing all business owners want is LEADS;-)

Btw, these 3 questions will help you figure out if and how to set up profitable lead-gen campaigns for offline businesses (also make you look like a rock-star when you ask them, because 99% of business owners have never even contemplated these questions)


PS: if you want to get some kick-butt free training on how to do Facebook right (including setting up great funnels to generate proper leads, use retargeting ‘n all that good stuff, check out http://www.onlinerule.com/fbsecrets)



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