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Launch LIVE Now: August 07 – 13

Epic EPCs: $3.66 (on day 2, day one was over $4.00!) across the funnel, and 0% refunds!

(ignore the low FE conversion rate, there are 3 products on the sales-page (click here to view the sales-page), this one is a ‘decoy’ to give a price-reference (and make the other ones looks like a bargain;-)



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“SurveySnatcher” – What Is It & WHO Is It For?

It’s a quiz & survey plugin on steroids:

On the surface, ‘just’ a Surveymonkey killer which helps increase engagement with your site, and of course lets you do market-research on the fly.

Underneath the surface, it does the sneaky ninja stuff of Andre Chaperon’s Auto-responder-madness: take the information the visitor provides in the survey, and funnel them into super-targeted email follow-up sequences.
(and Webinars … and Google Hangouts, and …;-)


Who Is It For?

People LOVE quizzes & surveys. They’re shown over and over to increase engagement.

So, who is it for?

Anyone who wants to engage people  … and get them onto their list … and sell them stuff;-)


  • product owners: guide visitors to the “best” solution
  • affiliate marketers: put visitors into that specific AR-sequence that really helps them solve *THEIR* problem.
  • offliners: engage local business owners by doing ‘sneaky’ educational marketing (er, selling;-)
  • Amazon: help visitors choose the specific model they want (look for the ninja SEO integration below)
  • Kindle: put a sneaky quiz/survey in the ‘preview’ content in your Kindle book so you can sign them up to your list
  • CPA: drive people through a survey so you can make the ‘best’ recommendation at the end…
  • … the list goes on …

What are the super-cool ‘ninja’ features?


Let’s face it: the WF crowd LOVE features.
And features they’ll get:

1) Attract Your Visitors’ Attention in a ton of different ways

Tons of ways of delivering the survey – all modeled on “what’s working now” in terms of attracting the attention of your visitors:

  • top/bottom bar (slide-in, popup, fully configurable)

    (click for full-size image)

    (click for full-size image)

  • ‘fancy’ side-bar

    (click for full-size)

    (click for full-size)

  • FB style ‘chat’
    (screenshot coming)
  • popup – fully configurable by user

    (click for full size)

    (click for full size)

  • exit popup
    (same styling options as ‘normal’ popup)
  • inline with your content and/or sidebar

    (click for full size)

    (click for full size)

2) Laser-Targeted email follow-up based on responses given in quiz/survey

  • super-advanced (it really is ninja) auto-responder integration – you can move/copy people between lists, depending on what choices they made during the quiz/survey. Tagging also works, so you can deliver super-targeted sales-messages, all based on what your visitors told you during the quiz/survey.
  • direct support for Aweber, iContact, constantContact, Mailchimp, GetResponse.
  • All others via using HTML code.

    (click for full size)

    (click for full size)

3) follow up with targeted & relevant Webinar/Google Hangout

  • full integration with gotowebinar
  • full integration with Google Hangouts – “Hangouts Plugin”
  • full integration with “Webinar Express”

    (click for full size)

    (click for full size)

4) SEO Integration

Oh yeah, baby, full integration with organic traffic.

Here’s the deal: rather than put up a generic survey/quiz, you can now laser-target your survey/quiz specifically to the search-phrase that led the visitor to your site!

“Hey, you’re looking for “blue widgets” – are you looking for blue ninja widgets or blue turtle widgets?

(think e.g. Amazon!)

5) Split-testing

Split-test everything and anything.

Designs of individual surveys, different types of surveys against each other.

You name it, you can split-test which one converts better for you.

With full reporting, obviously;-)

6) Where and when To Deploy?

each individual survey can be assigned to individual (or groups of) pages and posts.

That way your surveys only show up on pages/posts where it makes sense.

You can also configure what how often a survey is shown (or not shown), so your visitor doesn’t see the same survey/quiz too often (or never again, once they’ve taken it)

All aimed at increasing engagement and driving them down your sales-funnel.

JV Prizes

Sorry, no fancy graphics, we’re going all out on cash-prizes:

  1. First Place: $1000 (min 100 FE sales)
  2. Second Place: $500 (min 50 FE sales)
  3. Third Place: $250 (min 25 FE sales)
  4. 4th Place: $100
  5. 5th Place: $50
  6. 6th-10th Place: $25

there will be daily spot prizes for highest EPCs, hitting certain sales and so on – so look out for JV update emails!

What To Do Now?

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