“Just knuckle down and do it” Alternative To ASM

[UPDATE: there’s been such a great response to this post, that we arranged an interview with Dave Tropeano, who gives some amazing insights into what it takes to be successful online, and with FBA specifically. Interestingly, it pretty much mirrors EXACTLY the approach Mark B. takes.

Here’s the interview with Dave: http://www.onlinerule.com/fba-fasttrack-qa-session-with-dave-tropeano/]



time for an anti-pitch? 😉

Actually, an anti-anti-pitch.

I’ve heard a lot of great things about Amazing Selling Machines.

I’m sure, you have too.

If not, here’s the summary:

“sell cool stuff on Amazon, make a lot of money”.

Well, enter my buddy Mark B.

(you may actually remember him from previous emails …

… you remember me sitting on an airplane to San Antonio where I attended Traffic & Conversion?

The ‘episode’ where this rather large lady sitting next to me was reading stuff I can and will NOT mention in the presence of my kids.

On her kindle.

So, I mention this to Mark B … and he’s all:

“oh, yeah, we’re making around $2k a week selling erotica on Kindle. It’s killer”.

Well, fast-forward a couple of years.

Mark has expanded his empire.

He’s now a powerseller on eBay.

But not any ol’ powerseller.

No, he’s … well, I don’t want to give away his secret or identity.

But let me put it this way:

you’d find it pretty hard to be a higher-ranked powerseller than Mark… Hint, hint…

Now, here’s the thing:

On both occasions, Mark did one thing, and did NOT do another thing:

he did NOT buy ALL courses on the subject, and he certainly did NOT buy the fancy $3.500.00 course that pretty much promises to ‘do it all for ya’.

Instead, Mark bought ONE course.

(he even showed me ‘the’ course).

Then knuckled down and did it.

And started testing and tweaking.

And VERY quickly was at $2k a week selling erotica. Which he didn’t even write himself.

Outsourced the darn things for about $35 a shot….

The same with eBay.

One mid-ticket course that had all the things Mark needed to get going.

and boom, King of Ebay.

within a couple of months.

knuckle down, do it“.

Pretty simple model, would you agree?

So, why am I telling you all this?

Because, IMO, the hype-factor around ASM, no matter how good it (probably) is, is going to be soooo overwhelming, …

… that common sense stops, and $3.500.00 madness-driven dollars hop through the Internet.

Why not start with something that’s a little easier to digest?

Try it out for size.

Something that gets you to “knuckle down, and do it” faster than any drip-fed monster course.

And then, if the Amazon, er, Amazing Selling Model works for you,…

… sure, wait for the next time ASM opens up, and *invest* your winnings from actually doing it.

Except, you’ll probably be so far ahead, that you don’t need it anymore…

In case you’re wondering, “what might be such a mid-ticket” course?

Well, you could do a whole lot worse then go with these 2 guys, who not only are bona-fide 7-figure marketers OUTSIDE the IM-niche …

…plus, they have a knack for teaching this stuff, and as as result:

the student success stories to back it up:

Click here to get the “just knuckle down and do it” alternative to ASM



PS: turns out this post is far more popular than I thought it would be!
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btw, that’s the ONLY thing you’ll ever get: a notification that FBA Fasttrack is open!
Once the offer closes, I’ll delete this list!

PS: btw, Mark just had twins a few months ago …

… and he’s still the King of Ebay!

(I didn’t even ask about the ‘other’ line of products)


Because over time he figured out how to run this thing in a way that fits his lifestyle.

Well, nappie-changing, double-feeding style.

But you get the idea:

no ‘complete’ course is going to show you how to set it all up around … 2 new arrivals in this world.

… or whatever YOUR circumstances are.

That’s why it’s so important to just get going … and adapt these things to YOUR circumstances.

Go, “knuckle down, and just do it




  1. So inspiring, Veit.

    I am going to print this post out and read it many more times.

    Which course did Mark B take to learn to write erotica?

    Oh, and I am still looking out for the “weight loss” email…nag nag

    • Hey Wai,

      ha, thanks for the compliment! Yes, print it out and read it many more times!

      which course did Mark take? I honestly don’t know anymore.

      but if you send me a PM, I’ll twist Mark’s arm and tell you which one he is into big time now … one course, one mission!


      • ah yes, the weightloss one … I PROMISE, I’ll do it in the next fortnight!

        if I don’t do it, there’s gonna be free chocolate Easter bunnies for anyone who leaves their contact details under this post!


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