Joschi says: “Internet Marketing sucks”

So the other day my 10 year old has a football match.

Now, at their level the home-team always provides the referee.

In this case their coach Joschi.

And Joschi is one of those “outstanding” coaches (in the sense of “he really stands out, head ‘n shoulders above all other coaches I know, and that’s despite the fact that he’s only 5-foot-and-a-little-bit;-):

throughout the game, he has them (both teams) re-take free kicks, kick-offs, throw-ins whenever they didn’t do it properly.

One time one of the little ones had to re-take a throw-in 3 times until he “got” that his feet have to stay on the ground.

But, Joschi’s mission first and foremost is that they learn how to play the game properly. So, he has them re-do it, even during a league-match.

But, of course, that’s not all:

Joschi is one of those guys who is “naturally” extremely encouraging … always finds something to praise – without taking sides.

I’d never seen a referee praise the ‘opposing’ team’s goal-keeper for a great save.

Or carry a player (again, ‘opposing’ team) off the pitch because he’s hurt himself.

Which brings me to one of the realities of Internet Marketing:

When is the last time you were praised for what you’re doing?

For most people it’s a case of ‘hiding’ what they’re doing from their friends and family just so they don’t have to face more “disillusioned eye-rolling”, blank stares when you’re trying to explain what you’re doing (and why you’re doing it), and well-intentioned put-downs (you’re better off getting a real job).

Not so easy to get some praise, no matter how much energy and effort you put into it.

Despite the fact that it’s a fact that positive praise is probably THE most powerful incentive to get, well, stuff done, learn and move on and upwards.

So, even though I have no idea WHAT you deserve a thumbs up for, here’s me, double thumbs-up to you for “sticking with it and making it happen”

Pat yourself on the back, tells what YOU deserve a praise for and have a wonderful day!




  1. Wayne Cochrane says:

    G’day Veit.

    (Well, it’s actually midnight here in eastern Oz, but you get my drift.)

    Really enjoyed the post and the pic!
    (Brought a smile to my face :-))


    P.S. In my FireFox, above this comment text box there is a tick in a box with no text explanation for what the tick is for. So I don’t know whether to leave it ticked or untick it. (Trying to open it in another browser to check but my SLOW mobile internet is not co-operating.) Hah! Success! But bad news… in Opera there is no text explanation as to what the ticked box is for either. Looks like the tech gremlins may have got to your comment script (plugin?). Good luck!

    • mhmm, very weird with the tick-box – I have NO idea (never noticed it because it’s not there when I’m logged in).

      I’m not really using anything special for the comments, so, heck, click it or not, shouldn’t make a difference;-)


  2. Jillian P says:

    Just wanted to “thumbs up” back 🙂
    Todays email and survey were very useful to me!
    Wrote a longer comment before, but lost it I think, so ‘scuse if this a duplicate!

  3. Yes Veit, thumbs ups are rare for us IMers!

    It seems no one really even understands what I do, let alone give me thumbs up for it.

    Mostly I think my wife thinks I’m not “really” working, that I just spend 12 hour days on the net because it’s easier than getting a job! Or something…

    My friends just nod and occasionally may say “That’s great!” or something when I tell them I just had a great month, but it’s not the same kind of “Great!” that I’d get if I made the money some other way like if I had a real “brick and mortar” business…

    Thumbs up to you from a fellow marketer who does know what you do (more or less) and can see the hard work that goes into it!

  4. Hey Veit! Good morning from Arizona, USA! First and foremost wanted to say well done on the Truly Free SEO plugin updates. Really enjoying the plugin. Secondly I have to tell you that this post hit home…hard! I can clearly remember one holiday (I think it was last Thanksgiving) when the whole family was gathered and my cousin asked the dreaded question, “So Chris, what are you doing now?”

    Well, I gave the standard explanation, which drew the eye-rolls and blank stares from the table. This time, though, I decided to slip in a little line about how I was saving for a vacation to Germany and how Internet Marketing was allowing me the free time and financial freedom to go. That felt good…

  5. Thumbs Up back to you! Thank you for your unique take on IM and bringing sense and sanity to the IM World.
    Your sense of humour and plain good sense is so refreshing and enjoyable, thank you Veit.

  6. Alexander says:

    Hello Veit,

    The little checkbox above the “Comment” text field is an auto-opt-in checkmark. You should look through your plugins…
    One of them is definitely entering commenters in your list automatically 😉

    Thumbs up for you too! TrulyFreeSEOPix is an AWESOME tool!

    Cheers, Alex

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