Joey Xoto’s Video Induction System Review

Alrighty, Joey Xoto’s “Video Induction System” has just hit our inboxes, so does it live up to expectations? Here’s my review where I answer these 4 questions:

  1. Who is it for (in terms of ‘expertise’ required)
  2. Who is it for (in terms of ‘what can you sell with the video induction system’)
  3. What style video ultimately gives you the best results
  4. Does Joey not only produce
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    beautiful videos, but can he also teach in a way that’s useful?

Click here to check out Joey Xoto’s Video Induction System

    Enjoy   Veit

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  1. Hi Veit
    It was like it was the best thing since sliced bread… & I don’t eat sliced bread!

  2. wai kei says:

    Hey Veit

    I had sent a email to you about the recording for Dark Post Profits special webinar
    for buyers of DPP
    It seems to have gone by the wayside.

    Since I missed the live webinar, will you be able to send me the recording please?

    • Wai Kei

      looks like it got lost in another aweber-‘hole’.

      I’ve just re-sent it, if it’s not there today, please let me know so I can look into it.



  3. OK – these were training vids not sales, but I was very struck by how plain they were – basically black and white Powerpoints with a turquoise border. No graphics, use of fonts, colour, no talking heads, no animation etc to engage the audience.

    The content seemed narrowly focused on one particular type of video, OK but nothing really new. Not really what I would consider a blockbuster product.

    • Hey Steve,

      yes, they’re ‘plain’ looking, but that I guess is what I keep talking about in my emails:

      look beyond the shiny stuff, we’re here to do direct response marketing, and to do that effectively, you need to have solid fundamentals in place. (and really, there isn’t anything ‘new’ when it comes to direct response marketing … it’s pretty much all been said … and yet, maybe 1% of all marketers actually study the classics and DO direct response marketing)

      And Joey’s course does exactly that: give you those fundamentals along with a nice structure/template, so it’s easy to fill in.

      Could he have made it more ‘exciting’?


      But, IMO, at the end of the day that would just distract from what really matters.

      But hey, it’s a matter of taste I guess;-)


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