“I’ve worked, and it wasn’t fun” – exclusive interview with Lynn Terry

OH, you’ll LOVE this one!lynn-terry-niche-success-blueprint One of the best interviews I’ve ever done! With none other than the lovely Lynn Terry of ClickNewz.com fame.

“I’ve worked, and it wasn’t fun”

pretty much sums it up! So, what if you want to enjoy what you’re doing? (and make good money in the process?) Well, it’s all here in this interview: Here’s what we covered:


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(or right click here to download the mp3) Want some step-by-step instructions on how to do this in practice?

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Notice that the title of Lynn’s course is “Niche Success Blueprint”, not “Affiliate Success Blueprint”. Here’s a quote from the very first module of NSB:

Niche Marketing Defined I’m well known as a successful Affiliate Marketer, and for teaching Affiliate Marketing. That said, starting a niche business online is not limited to affiliate marketing. In fact, I have been branching out a lot in my own niches with a variety of income sources. Niche Marketing basically means that you choose a defined niche, and build a solid business around that topic. Each niche has a specific market and each market has specific needs. Your objective will be to serve that market and meet their needs.  

and of course when you listen to the interview, you’ll have a pretty good idea how to pick a profitable niche in the first place! Also, note the sentence

Each niche has a specific market and each market has specific needs

in the second paragraph above? Well, that’s exactly why so many other courses fail: they show you how their method works in the … well, whatever … “growing giant tomatoes” niche works, and then you try it in your niche, and er, …. Not so with Lynn’s Niche Success Blueprint! This is specifically about finding out the needs of each market and how to serve them best. So, if you’re unsure about what niche to go into and how to serve it, create massive goodwill and get paid handsomely in return, click here to check out niche success blueprint with the exclusive bonuses Cheers Veit PS: let me know what you think of the interview! Leave a comment below! PPS: here’s another quote from Niche Success Blueprint (Module 1):

Consider this your free ticket out of “niche misery”. 🙂 Jump ship, sell your site on Flippa.com, and start working on something you look forward to every day!

Amen to that!

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  1. As always, excellent advice and tips from Lynn! I happen to follow her around a lot. 🙂 Why? Simply because she is such an awesome inspiration for online business and marketing. Cheers to you Lynn, another great interview. 🙂

  2. Great interview, Veit! And thank you, Lynn, for some great nuggets and resources.

    Veit, would you please provide the name of the other excellent presenter you mentioned whose niche/forte is in productivity & time management?

    Many thanks!

  3. Been eyeing this course. Not much real reviews when I googled it.
    Now that I know Veit is behind it no worries.
    Thanks Veit and Lynn for the fun and very informative interview!
    Off to buy it.

    • Good to hear Nathan – I look forward to YOUR feedback. 😀 I published all of the feedback so far on the course details page at http://www.onlinerule.com/nsbbonus (Veit’s link). You’ll see it at the bottom of the page.

      The reason you won’t find much publicly yet is because it’s brand new for 2014. But everyone is LOVING it so far! 😉

  4. By the way, Veit I see no google+ button.

  5. How long are you planning to leave this offer open?

    • Hey Wei,

      I’ll leave that to Lynn!

    • I’m happy to honor to bonuses for any of Veit’s friends or connections, anytime! 🙂 As for the pricing on the course, it is super low right now, so you may want to take advantage of that before it goes up AND get the bonuses…

      • Hi,
        Just jumped on board and looking forward to the course…Also tried to access your bonus but got this message stating its an application/octet-stream file. What program do I need to open this with?

        • Hey Wei,

          not sure what’s going on there, can you send me a screen-shot please?

          in the meantime, I’ll send the bonus over to you ‘manually’ – at your tanwtxxxxxx-email!?


  6. I thought I will balance the whinge about Perry Marshall’s pay portal with a better comment here.

    This is hands down the best way to develop ANY business, online, offline, service based, manufacturing, professional services… you name it… it starts with getting a map of where you think you want to go… then starting to go there.

    Along the way new options will occur, but only in the context of getting where you started to go.

    All the skills in the world will help you get there.

    Nothing will help you get there till you START to provide the services your clients want, even need! Cheers Phil Tozer

    • Hey Phil,

      yes, Perry’s pay portal (lol, PPP) is getting a good kick up the backside as we speak!

      I’m talking to his customer service and we’ll come up with something nice to make up for the trouble!


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