is your marketing like a shitty love-song?

one of the main reasons why I ultimately “fired myself” from my corporate job with Siemens is that I was too “informal” for the job.

The ‘offense’ that kinda started the end of my Siemens days was me using the words “ain’t” in an internal report … (which was widely circulated and highly praised because for once it was actually understandable, not corporate gobbledygook)

But, no, my boss did NOT like it one bit …. definitely not ‘formal’ enough.

anyway, it led to me creating my own job doing this crazy marketing thing … and 8 years on I get away with using the words “shitty” in an email to my entire customer-database.

sometimes I wish I had my ex-bosses and colleagues on my list;-)

Anyway, there’s some serious marketing business to attend to, so first enjoy this clip here, entitled “how to write a love-song“:

and now think about this:

most people who struggle with marketing, or email-marketing specifically, want to have some ‘templates’ to fill, so they have some guidance.

Understandable, because there’s nothing worse (well, apart from brussels sprouts) than staring at a blank screen…

… or so you might think!

Because when you look at that video from the “I want a template” perspective, you quickly realize that you’re very likely going to sound like any other marketer out there.

as odd as it may sound:

these days just being “autentically you” is probably no longer just very useful, it’s pretty much essential when you want to stand out from the crowds of ‘templated copycat marketers’.

And guess what, there are plenty of people out there who like you just the way you are, even when you use offending words like “shitty”, or – heaven forbid “ain’t” in your emails.

have a lovely day!




  1. Matthew Newnham says:

    Haha, LOVE that post, Veit – it truly is “the perfect country and western blog post”.

    For an explanation, see this song:

    With lyrics here:

  2. I can’t believe you used this in a post. I Discovered this vtd ages ago and share it with everyone. Here is
    a “superstar” that obviously used this formula…

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