Internet Marketing You Can Do In Public

Wanna learn how to really (I mean: really) use Internet Marketing to, mhmm, well, sell stuff instead of just continuously bumping into obstacles because nothing really appears to work the way it’s supposed to?

Here’s WHY almost all Internet marketing teaching sucks, and what you need to do instead:



PS: ok, in finest “permission marketing” style: could you spare just a minute and help me with 3 very simple questions?

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  1. I like your style Veit. Looking forward to the next video.



  2. Hi Veit,

    I just want to say what an excellent video this is.

    I’ve been watching and listening (and buying) all the “Shiny Objects” for the past year and the one thing I haven’t done is taken action.

    If only I knew then what I know now!!

    Looking forward to the next video.

    Many Thanks

    Nick Dugan

  3. Hi Veit,

    I agree with everything you said. Nice video – good content. Build relationships and trust with your visitors/subscribers (with good content) and they will WANT to buy from you. No need to hard sell. Or even appear to be selling anything.


  4. Awesome, awesome video Veit.

    This is why you’re one of the few marketers who’s emails I read and follow.


  5. Thank you Veit, that was probably the most useful 30 minutes training I have spent in a very long time. I agree completely with all that you say and love the term ‘No Yuck Marketing’.

  6. Probably the best advise I’ve ever heard about marketing.

    Without trying to even understand what was wrong with all my nice shiny objects, I tried them for awhile and knew deep inside that they were wrong and just weren’t going to work.

    I’ve paid for mentoring, listened through hour-long, “instructional” webinars, that were nothing more than sales pitches and have never been happy with what has cost me a lot of money to not learn.

    Man, you’ve just put your finger on the pulse of a dying career and just injected a life saving technique. Tomorrow all my sites come down and for the first time, I know exactly what needs to be done.

    Veit, you are a genius. Just sorry that you couldn’t make beautiful music at twenty but you are sure composing it now and its you, who has everyone’s attention.

    • Lee, I was making music in my 20s … until the neighbours asked me to stop
      (and what a strange coincidence, that happened in exactly the same place,
      only a few months after the piano-incident;-) … I guess wailing blues-guitar
      isn’t everybody’s cuppa tea….

  7. Veit, you nailed it. Brilliant thinking.
    This means success for you many in your audience.


  8. What a refreshing video Veit. Not least because you mentioned me, thus feeding one of my basic needs 😉 but also because as you know I too have bathed in the murky waters of the “shiny object”.

    You have to do that to understand what it really is, just like pretty much everything in life I guess. Experience is perhaps the only real thing there is?

    All I know is this. You are going to save people a lot of time and a lot of money. Can’t wait for your next video.

    • Quentin,

      yup, it’s the “experience” part that makes all the difference.
      It’s one thing to understand something “intellectually” (tell yourself: “yes, that makes sense”),
      it’s a whole different story experiencing something.



  9. Great intro video. I’m going to mention it to my son.
    All the best.

  10. Hi Veit,

    Great stuff! I’ve tweeted it, it is so good and true. I like the B&W video, very classy. And your performance was impeccable. Keep it up.


  11. OK, Veit, you’ve got my attention. I look forward to your next video instalment,
    especially to how you will deal with the “what problem can I sell today?” issue.


  12. Nice presentation Veit.

    I think you are spot on about the sell, sell, sell. If you look at the most successful IMers, they are salespeople, like the old pitchmen.

    “I’m not asking $127, I’m not asking $97, I’m not even asking $47, for today only, yours for ” ….. blah blah blah. And then by the strangest coincidence, there is a split-pay option 3 days later. And even more strangely, 3 days after that there are a “very small number of returns I can make available.” yada yada yada

    I’m looking forward to your next video.



    • lol, I still have a copy of Jeff Johnson’s “scratch and dent” sale – because, “honestly, these CDs were slightly scratched, so we can’t sell them for full retail”;-)

  13. Hi Veit – very powerful indeed. My only plus would be to drop the YouTube related videos from the file you use as some of the process/mindset you talk about appears to try and hook unsuspecting folks. Kind of like the B/W video treatment too… Maybe add some film treatment and position it as ‘old school’

    • Hey Scott – I have no idea how to control the YT related videos … if you know how to do it, I’d love to talk to you!


      • Hi Veit,

        Great video content AND you look great in B and W. And, interestingly, the B and W sets you apart from other marketing videos.

        About the YT no related vids – you need to change the embed code to this

        I just added the ?rel=0 to the end of the numbers that follow the embed/ in the code. You can generate the code on YT by clicking embed, then unchecking the box that says “show related videos”

        Can’t wait to see the next video in the series. You are spot on with this concept. I love the Peter Drucker comment, but I would change it just a bit. I would change it so say – The role of marketing done correctly and in the right way to attract your ideal clients, is to make selling superfluous…

        Lee Ann

        • Hola Lee Ann,

          nice to see you here!
          Yup, got the YT code fixed (I hope), so fingers crossed it’s all ‘nice’ now.

          Re your last comment, heck, who am I to go messing with Peter Drucker’s epic work?;-)



  14. This makes a lot of sense Veit! What you say is so true and I’m living proof 🙁

    Looking forward to the second video and more insights.

  15. Viet Thank You – nailed it on the head. So refreshing to listen to you as opposed to shoddy IM gurus with their pounding American accents (nothing against Americans just the Yucky IMers). I am an ‘offliner’ using attraction and problem solving as the basis of my business and would love to expand the horizon online. Eagerly awaiting the next video.

  16. Thanks Veit,
    However, very difficult to hear you, sounds like water running through the video and echos everywhere. Hard to concentrate when hard to hear.

    • Hey Eileen,

      mhmm, odd, haven’t heard from anyone else having that problem.
      could be a bandwidth thing, as I rendered it at a fairly high bandwidth (4MB/sec) – as youtube always appears to downgrade the quality.
      if you send me an email, I can send you a short segment at a lower bandwidth so we can figure out if that’s the problem.



  17. Thanks – I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and the “golden nuggets” you shared 🙂 I am getting off the “shiny objects” band wagon and going to start marketing the best solutions to solve my clients problems with cash in as the by product of delivering real value !!

  18. Thanks Veit, great video. Scooped it (check the link).
    There is a very entertaining video you did couple of years ago, where you were showing various internet marketing books and throwing them all away, except one. Would like to see that again.

    • Tom,

      ah yes, that video. I’ll have to do some serious digging, but if I find it, I’ll post a link.

      the book I didn’t throw out was “Changing for good” by Prochaska et al.

      Great book, but IMO no longer needed for anyone “addicted to shiny objects”. The fundamental assumption of the change model is that you are addicted to something and you want to change that. (ok, it could be any behaviour, but it’s mostly used in ‘addiction’ types settings, like smoking, drinking, shiny objects).

      as I’m pointing out in the video above, the main reason for the appeal of shiny objects is that there’s an underlying flaw – which fortunately is relatively straightforward to fix.

      So, once that’s gone, you no longer need shiny objects, and hence no need to spend all that energy ‘changing your behaviours’.

      still worth reading the book IMO, great general education on how change-behaviour works in practice



  19. Veit,

    You and your video are a huge breath of fresh air. I’m looking forward to the next videos in this sequence, especially as I’m ready to launch into remaking my internet marketing from the ground up starting with a new (or improved) business model.

    Thank you for your work! I’ve shared via tweets and shares and links, etc.


    • Hey Kate,

      appreciate the sharing! (same to everybody else who is sharing).
      You’ll enjoy the next 2 videos which are on simplifying the whole ‘business model’ thing…


  20. Tom Kaasbell says:


    That was a terrific video. Well done. Not the first time I’ve ever heard it, but it was good way of getting me back on track.
    When I was in the corporate world and had 100 people working for me, I used to tell them “be part of the solution not part of the problem” and you’ll get the raises and promotions that your begging me for.

    • Tom,

      you were definitely a progressive manager then … in my corporate career it was all about ‘toeing the line’, if you don’t stand out, you won’t get shot down.

      After the nth project where once again all the features that actually provided a benefit for the end-user had been removed, just so we could cover our backside (as a company), I had enough and left.



  21. This was genius. It looks simple but this is how genius things always look like.
    I think that one of the biggest problem in IM is lack of standards.
    IM guys should agree of something and therefore eliminate this waste of time and energy in the wrong directions which at the end actually hit everyone.
    Veit shows us one of the examples of the standard.
    And this standard can save a lot of money and energy of other IMs.
    I would suggest Veit to found some kind of IM Academy and I am willing to be one of his first students.
    Great video !

    • Alex,

      it’s one of those things I’ve been thinking about for years now:

      how would we as a species evolve (and where would we be now) if we could cut out all the BS, stop ‘hoarding secrets’, make life difficult through the use of patents etc.

      I’m not saying we should all work for free (the classic ‘martyr’ model so many coaches suffer from) – for good work you definitely should get rewarded – but how can it be done without holding us back unnecessarily?



  22. Very good stuff! Fully in line with your ‘rules’ page 🙂

    Goes along with great marketers – providing solution for problems IS the way to build a tribe that will trust, love and pay you…

    As a side effect, your website will become an authority site for your tribe and they like to share your content with friends wo might be interested in following your advice too.

    You play this game here too Veit 😉 and I share your links freely.

    Cheers, Alex

  23. Awesome video Veit, like a breath of Alpine air. You’re one of the few people that tell it how it is. Everything is over-sensensationalised to the point of people being de-sensitized. (If not, then they will be).
    It’s true we all want 10k friends/fans and not just ‘drive by’ subscribers that we have to replace when the freebies run out. I think the main issue is knowing how to get that snowball rolling, and properly.
    Looking forward to Vid #2

    • Dave, what a great phrase “drive-by subscribers we have to replace when the freebies run out”;-)

      and yes, the main issue really is building and maintaining *momentum* – which is a core message of video #2



  24. Robertino Bedenian says:

    Thank you so much, Veit! You have the awesome talent to point people to what really matters and what they should be focusing on using a language and experiences of your life that produces a light bulb moment to those who are watching.

    Looking forward to learning more from you!

    Wishing you the best,

  25. Excellent advise, as always. Looking forward to the next videos!


  26. Very inspiring and excellent content, this is what Internet Marketing is all about. Providing a solution to a problem.
    I often ask; How can I help?

    Basically says it all.

    Great video and looking forward to the next!

    Cheers from Down Under

  27. Thanks for the timely reminder Veit on two counts.

    I’m in the process of telling people I’ve got a solution to a problem they didn’t know they had. So doing the copywriting in the form of benefit attractions is obviously the way to go.

    This is for a physical product and like many physical products, once they have bought it there is no point in their being on a list. This is because there are few related products and also, like many other physical products, there is not enough margin to pay to keep them on a list.

    The other reminder is that it is the time of year to plant chillies. I’ve had the soil warming for a week so I’ll get the seeds sown this weekend.

    Looking forward to your next videos in classy black and white.
    I take it there will be something sold at the end of it? By that time of course we will all be dying to buy it. If that is true, then it worked. Thus proving the product is worth buying.

    Thanks Veit

    Tony C

    ps There used to be a switch in YouTube to stop the related videos appearing at the end of yours. Don’t know if it’s still there. I asked on the WF and got it sorted.

    • Tony,

      got the youtube related videos thingy ‘fixed’ – thanks to Alex for pointing me to the simply check-box on Youtube that says “show related videos” – uncheck (it’s checked by default), and done;-)

      Send me an email regarding the physical product, if you’re interested, we can do a little brain-storm.

      Re chillies: this year I’ve managed to do a deal with our local organic vegetable grower – they’re growing my seedlings to about 12″, I’ll then take it from there.

      regarding there being something at the end of this – there is indeed.

      At the very least the proof that a ‘launch’ (and I’m reluctant to use that term simply because of the way it’s being used in the IM-community) doesn’t have to rely on hype, the pressure of false scarcity and social proof to get people to suspend disbelief and hand over their cash. But to answer your question: Beyond that, if there’s enough demand for it, yes, there will be something else.



  28. part 2!part!… 🙂

    great video Veit
    may i disagree (or question) a few things (maybe i didn’t get you right here…)

    i think tour take on the mindset and whole “its not your fault, you’ve been misled” is not totally true

    there are a lot of peeps/courses there teaching “find the problem – find the solution” approach
    and i *knew it* for a while and know it IS the way to do it right
    i think a lot of people including me want/need to make money quick – tomorrow or even like yesterday 🙂
    so here comes “shiny object syndrome” and chasing next “easy” method…
    especially when you see all these kids/total newbies “killing and crushing” it 🙂 – “i sure want and can do that…”
    so even though i have my “big/long term plan” (very vague though)
    i want to “make some $ today” to pay bills/quit job/etc

    another thing about mindset is it is a part of the obstacle(s) i create myself sometime(and sure other people do) – excuses, “i can’t do that because X ” (copy for the video script 😉
    persistence, keep pushing when you fail, going out of your comfort zone…
    some people get into the mindset “FeCK IT” and just do it no matter what
    some people find excuses and don’t…

    so my point is i guess, even though i’m not into the whole “visualise success” thing myself, mindset plays a big part
    and a lot of us fail not because we where taught the wrong way
    but because for one reason or another we struggle to follow through, focus, stick to the plan, have some structure and so on

    just my 2p

    P.S. have you got any of your music videos to share

    another thing i’ve noticed there are a lot of Alexs in this tribe
    and i have a suspicion some of them might be my country-mates(would be nice to connect if you are interested)
    btw it would be nice to connect to any of you awesome(anyone following Veit must be awesome 🙂 people here, i have put my FB profile as my link so just click my name here
    and for my potential “comrades” – i’m Alexandr(Sasha) from Ukraine (born in CCCP 🙂

    Hope you don’t mind Veit, feel free to cut this last bit if its a problem

    • lol, my buddy Vic said: “where’s the constructive criticism?”

      agreeing to disagree is where it’s at!

      so, here’s the thing with mindset:

      if your focus is on “making money”, then anything that even remotely sounds like you could make money with it, will appeal to your brain – simply because you’re focusing on “how to make money”.

      the fancy term is ‘reticular activating system’ (RAS) which is the filter in your brain that lets everything in that’s important, and filters out anything that’s not important.

      So, I agree with you that ‘mindset’ is important – what I was trying to say in the video is that it’s not (usually) a question of ‘desire, motivation or attitude’ (or lack thereof).

      like I said in the video, those who believe in sitting on the sofa and having money rain from the skies, yes, they have an attitude problem, but for the most part it’s because some fundamental mechanisms in your brain are ‘pointing in the wrong direction’ – not because you choose to, but because you picked up some idea somewhere (someone who sounded like an authority said it’s easy to make money online, and oh, look at all this proof, all these kids making money so easily, so it must be easy. So, brain (unconsciously) starts to look for *anything* that let’s you “make money online”) and suddenly your thinking and actions are ‘pointing in the wrong direction’.

      I have a video on that over at bareknuckleproductivity, I’ll see if I can dig it out



      PS: totally cool to connect to others, even cooler if you could find someone who can smuggle over some genuine Vodka (preferably not the kind that’ll make you go blind, but the kind that actually tastes of something, not the rubbish we get over here…)

      • “So, brain (unconsciously) starts to look for *anything* that let’s you “make money online”) and suddenly your thinking and actions are ‘pointing in the wrong direction’.”

        in my case its also “too many directions”, typical info overload…
        though i’ve managed to cut a lot of it and still working on it.

        ah Russian/Ukrainian vodka – nice to see another person who doesn’t get this watered down western version(insult 🙂
        i’ll get you this next time i go home Veit 😉

  29. Veit…it’s nice to hear someone “tell it like it is.” So much junk out there!

  30. nice 1 Veit

    I think people hit a wall with this IM game and I’m at it now..
    we either wake up or give up when it hits..
    good timing with this..
    btw.. I was in Bristol last week at a funk & soul night(I live in Cardiff), I’m sure that guy was still playing the piano and ATTRACTING followers!
    Nice 1

  31. Great information Veit.

    I really enjoyed your part about adding value. I think one of the things that bothers me about much of this industry is that so many do not. If people truly focus on helping a business make money there is no shortage of clients. But as you say that takes work and many want the easy way to make money.

    Keep it up. I have really enjoyed the sales training.

  32. great post, thanks Veit, looking forward for the second video.

  33. Excellent video and I basically agree with all you said.
    However it is my experience that sometimes providing great content and solving problems is not enough to get traffic and sales.

    It does seem that part of internet marketing is to stay up on the latest “tricks and tips” to get traffic, because sometimes great content is not enough. No?

    • Hey Solavei,

      well, great content and solving problems is of course only part of the traffic puzzle!
      (see the next video in the series on my view on the current “traffic myopia”)

      Regarding latest “tricks and tips” – my view is that exactly the opposite is the case: people are so enamoured with “tricks and tips” (just look at all those emails that promise to show you “what’s working now”) that they forget about the fundamentals. Which is having a great offer to traffic match (see video #2 coming up).
      If the “what’s working now” is “working now” and “not tomorrow”, then it’s a fad, and *may* make you some quick money, but you’re constantly busy updating all your marketing just to keep up with the latest and greatest – and that’s time taken away from serving your clients.



  34. Viet, that was an excellent video that gave me a lot to think about. I’m starting a new site for an affiliate product, and I’m searching around for some guidence on a better way to take action. This video series looks like it could help alot.

    Thanks, Sean.

    • Hey Sean,

      well, I’m not a big fan of “affiliate marketing” – at least not when it’s the primary means of monetization.
      Just like Adsense or Amazon, a few choice affiliate recommendations make sense, but as a main business model it makes little sense. Unless your mission is to build other people’s businesses of course. We’ll cover this in part in video #2.


  35. Pearl Makeig says:

    Hi there Veit,

    Thanks so much for such a great video 🙂 Everything you say is so straightforward, refreshing, and honest. I’ve heard marketers say this before, but usually amidst techniques of selling to as many people as possible, developing a relationship with each through a series of pre-set auto-responder messages.
    I am just setting up my first websites, and here you are offering information that will help me develop genuine relationships with potential buyers. The timing is perfect, and I’m really looking forward to learning more from your next videos.

    Cheers, Pearl

    • Hey Pearl,

      yeah, the pre-set autoresponder thing … yes, we’ll go there in video #3 (was a HUGE lesson for me), but overall ‘relationship building’ is a 2-way process. And *auto*-responder doesn’t really help with that. Which is once again why in video #3 we look at the “power of 1” (which is all about where to focus your efforts when doing your relationship building)



  36. Good and accurate information. Good Content. Useful and accurate description of marketing vs. Selling.

  37. Gareth Roberts says:

    Veit this is a great video! I’m smiling. I’m inspired. But more than anything, I’m reminded of the fundamentals of internet marketing and why I personally don’t *click* *click* where I’m told to.

    The ‘student in a bar analogy’ just reminded me of my University days!


  38. Veit, when you say you are not a fan of affiliate marketing, do you mean that you are only into creating your own products? For some of us, I think it’s unrealistic to create a product.

    What about PLR? I am always wondering if selling PLR would just get you one time sales because PLR tends to be poorly written and/or old stuff that no one REALLY wants… so you sell it once and that customer will likely never buy from you again…?

    Just curious about
    a) what you prefer to sell (without giving specifics of course)
    b) what you think of PLR giveaways to build a list or PLR sales

    • Hey Mike,

      it’s funny how ‘coincidences’ happen – I was playing with that question
      quite a bit over the last few days. yes, my preference is product creation,
      but, I guess it’s ‘unfair’ to dismiss all the other forms of IM
      (as long as they’re meeting the #1 criterion: they’s building YOUR
      business, not primarily someone else’s)

      So, keep an eye out for an update very, very soon on that, got something

      Re PLR: I agree, *most* of it (but not all) is rather poor, so content
      (whether it’s for a paid product, an article, a freebie) is ALWAYS worth
      investing in (IMO), as it’s the first touch-point with your prospect,
      and like you say: that’s the stuff that decides whether they come back
      for more.

      Regarding what I prefer to sell: stuff that solves problems, and that’s
      not a shiny object. I really want to help people, so I personally can’t get
      myself to sell stuff where I already know that they’re only buying it
      because it’s ‘shiny’.

      Having said that, that approach is not necessarily the one that makes
      you the most money, there is a TON of money in snake-oil & weight-loss
      advice – but I do tend to sleep better (I think;-)


  39. Just watched your video on “SEO Done Right”… You gave me some excellent tips and just wanted to thanks you.
    I have currently five sites…three since 2003 all not affected by the animals leashed out by the big “G” as they are authority sites.

    As you mentioned in the video I personally think this is the only way to go if your an average Joe with other interests like being involved in the arts.

    Have been able to pay off our mortgage on Sept 2012 by not allowing shiny objects to get in the way of focusing on my goals (like most JVZoo products) and by only following three people in the internet marketing world.

    I empty my email inbox everyday and make sure to spend more time on what I know rather then trying to learn or buy other peoples stuff that mainly help the original product maker.

    And what really get me is the offers by affiliate marketeers of all the bonuses that you will get if you buy from them… more stuff that you will never use (Watch George Carlin’s video on Stuff – Those that send me emails like that get deleted off my mailing right away.

    Anyway having got that all off my chest…as I have been the victim of the stuff mentioned and caught myself getting on that ever tuning round about of failure…I just want to add one more thing… pick a niche that YOU relate too or have an interest in.

    Keep up the good work Veit.

  40. wow rock solid video Veit, man really enjoyed the content, it makes so much sense and you did a fantastic job explaining the concepts in a straight forward easy to digest manner.

    Fantastic, can’t wait to hear/learn more!

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