Internet Marketing Case Study: Why does this book not have any reviews on Amazon?

Here’s a quick illustration of what the difference is between “WANT and NEED”.

Dr Robert Bedenian has written an in-depth guide on Chiropractic care and Massage Therapy, but on Amazon it doesn’t have any ‘star’-reviews.

In this short case-study you’ll discover some of the reasons why this may be – and it has nothing to do with the content of the book (which I’m assured is top-notch)




  1. James Ferguson says:

    I watched this because I have a friend (ex wife, actually!) who has a kindle book with no reviews/sales.

    I suspect the same problem – the book does not appear to be solving a problem. I am a holistic healer and am familiar with massage and chiropractic, and I would be glad to review his book if I had a way to contact him for a copy. Kindle is fine, but PDF is better.

    • Jim,

      great! have a look in the email I sent out, his email is in there (in section 1) – don’t want to post it here to avoid him getting spammed.


    • Hi Jim,

      I just read your comment. You are very welcome to review the book. Please send me an email with your review request, so I can send you a copy of my e-book in PDF.

      Best regards,

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