Instant Local Leads Review & Bonus

Instant Local Leads – Goes Where No Other “Local Consulting” Leadgen System goes:

Wow, got a massive response to my previous email, lots of people extremely grateful to find Instant Local Leads, here are just some examples:

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So, here’s the email I sent out, which explains why I think Instant Local Leads is a terrific tool (and why my readers are so excited) and the bonus for Instant Local Leads:

Hey there,

just picked up a new local leads scraper
which does more than the $147/year one
I’ve got at the moment (well, had until about
30mins ago;-) and only costs $9.90.
Double thumbs up!
Did a video review here:

(look out for the lil’ FB discovery I made,
it screams of opportunity!)
if you pick up the first OTO, I’ll add a nice bonus:
you’ll get exclusive access to my
Instant Local Leads Social Engagement Workshop
where we’ll cover a great step-by-step system
for helping local businesses create truly
engaging social media presences (so they can
actually sell via social media).
We’ll also cover how to use custom audiences,
and how best to use them with FB advertising
(of which we’re doing a TON at the moment)
PS: if you pick up both OTOs, sign up here:
I’ll then reach out to you and and you’ll get a complimentary copy
of our new FB Advertising plugin (out next
week) – does some ninja tracking stuff:
in a nutshell: when you promote affiliate offers,
you never know which of your ads, or which email
in your email follow-up sequence is responsible
for the sale.
With our new plugin, that’s now taken care of!
(and yes, we developed this because we actually
NEEDED it in our own business!)
Here’s a quick walkthrough:

So, summary – here’s what you need to do now:

Step #1: Get Instant Local Leads:

Step #2: Claim Your Bonus:

  • Bonus for ALL buyers:
    I’m recording a case-study of me using my plugin in combination with a Facebook promotion.All buyers will get exclusive access to that case-study! (look for the link in the JVZoo download area!)

    You’ll see a real FB promotion, with all the details. (turns out in practice, the real secret to FB advertising is NOT the ad (that’s only 10% of the equation). The real secret is in the funnel – which is responsible for 90% of the success of your campaign!

  • pick up OTO1, and you’ll get exclusive access to the upcoming “Instant Local Leads Social Engagement Workshop” (look in the JVZoo panel for the link to the bonus!)
  • pick up both OTOs, and you’ll also get a free copy of our FB (well, any ads) tracking plugin.In that case, make sure to enter your name here:

    so I can get the bonus to you!


  1. Hi Veit, does your tracking plugin only work with Clickbank and JVZoo?

    • Hey Francisco,

      for the time being, yes, it’s only JVZoo and CB.
      However, the principle is pretty much the same for most affiliate platforms, so it’s straightforward to add more platforms.

      any specific ones you have in mind?


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