I’m so done …


don’t know about you, but I’m soooo done with

“I wonder what could’ve been?”

Done with the doctor telling me it’s all part of ‘normal’ aging.

Done with gaining a pound a year and not being able to shake it.

Done with settling.

Done with telling myself “ah, well, I guess I should’ve done that when I was younger“.

Done with coming up with excuses when talking about my dreams.

No, ‘having kids’ didn’t get in the way of cycling around the world.

I simply didn’t make ‘cycling around the world’ my mission!

And no, now I’m NOT too old do still do it!


Veit, what brings this about?

… You may ask!

Well, let me tell you:

over the last month I lost 22lbs of pure fat!

Everybody said it couldn’t be done.

30 days.

22lbs of FAT!


I did it.

And it cleared up some stupid rash the doctor told me was simply me getting old.

And it cleared up all kinds of other s**t I was told “that’s just the way it is“.

So, if THAT was impossible, why stop here?

Heck, Prince Charles never gave up on that Camilla dream!

Yes, there were obstacles, lots of them.

But he never gave up.

So, here’s me saying

screw “I wonder what could’ve been


screw “that’s just normal, part of getting older


hello to “I’m going for it … because life is here for us to keep trying

Yes, I know, it’s spring, and yes, it’s sunny out…

… so let me be clear:

no, this is not some “happy hormone infused Spring-resolution” thing, where I plan to change EVERYTHING!

I may be a fool, but I’m wise enough to know that that doesn’t work.

So, I’ll treat it as a ‘bucket-list’ … of ‘impossible’ things I’ve always wanted … but somehow slowly given up on.

pick one, pursue with a vengeance, and make it happen.

It’ll be all kinds of things.


Like skills to acquire, things to have (and yes, outer space to fly into)


Like all the good things I deep down I know I should be doing with the great gift that was given to me.


Like charity at truly global dimensions.

Will I achieve all of them?

Probably not.

But I’ll go down trying … knowing that I won’t be thinking

“I wonder what could’ve been?”

So, what’s first?

Well, f*** me, but I’ve always wondered if it’s even possible for me to have a six-pack.

I’m still 10lbs over ‘lean’.

There’s almost 20 years of  accepting “ah, that’s just normal, as you age, you put on a pound a year…” to make up for!

And I know the last pounds are the hardest.

And that’s just the ‘fat’ part, getting those core muscles into shape is whole other rather painful story.

(and as I’ve done a fair amount of core work whilst rowing, I know what’s coming … )

and then there’s

“oh, no, you can’t, you have your grandfather’s genes, you’ll ALWAYS have that bulge”.

Well, mum, with all due respect, but SCREW that idea!

And fear not wifey, I know that I “need fat to function normally” …

… and no,  it’s not to impress the girls down the gym.

This one is for ME!

I’m going for it!

PAIN, here I come!


And I’m good with that!

Because I’m done … with “I wonder what could’ve been

How about you?




  1. Inspiring is what this post would be on a bad day! Thanks so much for being open enough to say what others of us have hopefully thought at one time or another. Cheers (and may I say blessings) to you. BTW, I hope to eventually have someone in MY life concerned I have ENOUGH body fat!

  2. Wow, Veit! Being “old” and stuck at a weight plateau, I needed to hear this just now. This is a great shot in the butt. I came away from reading this feeling “yes, I can!” By the by, what was your rowing routine?i

    • Hey Terry!

      Indeed, yes you can do it! Heck, I “have gout” (or so my medical record and my genes tell me). And as a result I MUST NOT do a calorie-restricted diet as it’ll immediately lead to a gout-attack.

      Well, guess what!

      Yes, instead of accepting it, I had a look why ‘calorie restriction’ increases the odds of a gout-attack, and then worked around it.

      So, heck, yes, You can!

      Rowing-wise, a total mix. With the college team it was in the 8 at stroke, with the local rowing club in the 8 at bow (because I was the smallest at 12 stone;-), in my spare time single scull, and whenever I felt like putting my relationship with Fiona through the wringer, in the double scull with her … worse than trying to teach your teenage kids to drive a car.

      Except in this case I was the grumpy hormonal learner;-)


  3. Norma Rickman says:

    Great post, Veit. I love seeing people refuse to accept what they think life has dealt them.

    And your weight loss is inspiring. I had a horrible winter, starting with an emergency appendectomy. Put on too many unwanted pounds. Time for them to go. I’ll keep coming back to this post when the going gets rough.

    Thanks for representing “old school” so well and kicking some ass. Good on ya!


    • Hey Norma,

      funnily enough, for me it was falling off my mountain-bike, breaking a finger and dislocating my shoulder … put me out of action for a couple of months … and that was the beginning of the downward spiral…

      let’s talk on skype – I’ll show you how I did it


      • Norma Rickman says:

        I’d love to chat, Veit. Hit me up whenever you have a minute. I’m usually on, lurking invisible, lol.

  4. wow this is an awesome post. So how were you able to drop 22 pounds in 30 days. What kind of calorie restrictions and what type of workout? I want to lose a few pounds before my brother’s wedding in May. Would be perfect to lose about 20 myself!!!

    • dang, this wasn’t really supposed to be a weight-loss post;-)

      tell you what: I’ll do a follow-up next week … watch out for an email entitled “this is a weightloss email”;-)


  5. wai kei says:

    Most of us need to lose a few pounds, including me.

    I’ll be watching for your weight loss email, Veit..

  6. Inspiring post, Veit. I’m awaiting your weight loss email as well. It’s golf season and I could stand to lose a few myself!

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