I was unlucky to get lucky with Search Engine Optimization

So when I get started with ‘online marketing’ in 2007, my very first attempt is at affiliate marketing.

I pick a great product (Paul Lemberg’s Formula 5), put together some hubpages, and start doing some SEO to them.

And boom, my first sale as an online marketer.

$660 in commission.

Wow, I’ve got it made, this affiliate marketing thing is EASY!

Well, somehow I wish I could travel back in time and tell my younger self:


search engine optimization sucks - do paid traffic instead

Do NOT go down the rabbit hole of ‘cheap and free’ traffic (read: search engine optimization).

I spent YEARS chasing that stupid dream of ‘free traffic flowing non-stop sending me affiliate commissions’.

Yes, it did work.

But: because of the tactics used, (aka: grey-hat at best, but hey, that’s what was being taught back then) there was a constant danger that Google would slap my sites.

And slap they did.

And rightly so!

grey-hat at most;-)

And in a way I’m glad they did.

It ‘forced’ me to look at paid traffic.

Took some learning, obviously.

But paid of handsomely. Over and over again.

with paid traffic, I have full control.

with paid traffic, I have access to volume that’s just not possible with SEO.

With paid traffic, I’ve become a better marketer!

I can’t afford to be lazy …. instead of focus on developing money-making, profitable funnels.

And as a result, I have deep insights into WHY and HOW certain markets work.

which gives me a HUGE advantage over lazy SEO-marketers who hope that some of the SEO traffic will stick.

SEO is lovely, and yes, I still look at current SEO courses…

…. and quickly see that most still use tactics that are at most grey-hat.

and that reminds me that in most cases the money in SEO is in making courses about SEO, not actually DOING SEO.

Focus on being a better marketer, focus on creating profitable sales-funnels, and you can afford paid traffic.

And go to the next level, and then the next faster than any SEOer out there!

over’n out






  1. So what was the initial cost of learning to go paid Veit? I don’t mean the cost of the courses you bought, you reported on those at the time, I mean the losses in ppc etc from being a newbie in training. Every time I’ve tried to look into it, all the number crunching and concentrating, or even interpreting the stats, seems to make my attention span shorter and shorter while at the same time enhancing my frustrations. Getting short on temper while learning the unknown, especially when there is a dollar sign in front of it, might just be me. However, I know when I stick at learning something new and get the basics down, then I start enjoying enhancing my new found skills. Maybe it’s fear of the unknown/success/failure or it might just be a lack of confidence who knows, but I’ll bet you could start a whole discussion about it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it Veit.

    Best wishes

    Tony C

    • Hey Tony,

      the actual ‘cost’ of learning was very very low … in the sense: I wasn’t born with a massive bank-account, and my wife constantly alleges we need new shoes for the kids, so I can’t afford to sink hundreds, if not thousands of $ into ‘tests’.

      The ‘secret’, if there is such a thing is to start small, watch it like a hawk, (ok, it’s not that bad, you simply set a daily budget you can live with even if you ‘lose’ it all), then tweak the funnel until it’s profitable.

      as long as you do your homework first and figure out what the potential hot-buttons are, you are very likely to break even almost out of the gate.



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