Hybrid Connect In Action

Alrighty, this is a dual-purpose post:

a) demonstrate the Hybrid Connect plugin

b) give you a live demo of how it works by ‘hybrid connecting’ the “How to create a successful IM business in 2013” training (which is held on gotowebinar) and a test-mailing list.

So, here’s the video that shows you how it’s all set up (and explains why the text in the signup form below makes no sense whatsoever;-)

and here’s the actual signup box (ignore the text and the image, it’s just an illustration. But: you can sign up to the webinar, so you can see how it all works in practice. Alternatively, you can sign up to the webinar through the link down below)

[hcshort id=”8″]


(all the above does is sign you up for this webinar:


and for the hcconnect test list … which I’ll delete in a couple

of days, it’s just to demonstrate the whole concept;-)



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