HTML5 Videos

 Video 1 – Intro

Video 2 – Basic Page

*Video:video 2

Video 3 – Editors

*Video:video 3 – html editors

The rest are links – they will open in the same window/tab, to save yourself from clicking back and forth use “right click” => “open in new tab”

vid04-HTML Saving-Files

vid05-HTML Nesting

vid06-HTML Colors

vid07-HTML Site Nav Links

vid08-HTML Link Targets

vid09-HTML Images

vid10-HTML Comments Tag

vid11-HTML Meta Tags

vid12-HTML5 Audio Tag

vid13-HTML5 Video Tag

vid14-HTML Ordered Lists

vid15-HTML Unordered Lists

vid16-HTML hr Tag

vid17-HTML Validation


  1. Alexander says:

    Best free editor so far – free version of Microsoft Espression Web!
    Hard competition for DreamWeaver – but the price tag is gone 🙂

    They should give it to the open source community for further development…

    Cheers, Alex

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