How to market your chillies the right way

as a follow-up to yesterday’s video, let’s focus today on a practical application of ‘learning by doing’:

soooo, that one trick could’ve saved me 6 years of ‘acid rain’ chillies. If only someone had told me…

What’s YOUR #1 trick that could save someone else 6 years of sub-par results?

Does it really have to be Internet Marketing, weight-loss or dating advice?

And are you doing everything you can to find the people who have that problem, so you can solve it for them?

share your insights below!




  1. Here’s my best tip. It will work in any niche.

    You can mine this to create autoresponder sequences, sales letters, info-products….you name it.

    It’s all about finding the problems, questions and goals of your target audience.

    Get a spreadsheet out. Label three tabs as following: “Problems” “Questions” “Goals” (so shocking, I know 😉
    Leave the top two rows blank for now.

    Now here’s where the dirty work comes in.

    Go to forums in your niche and find people with problems, questions and goals. When you find a gem, give the P, Q, or G a name and enter it in the first column of the appropriate tab.

    For example, maybe I find someone in the weight loss niche who has the problem of wanting to lose belly fat. So that’s my title, “Lose Belly Fat.”

    Copy and paste the exact words of the person with the P, Q, or G in the third row. If you find anyone else with the same P, Q or Gs, enter these directly under your first entry.

    Put each new P, Q or G in a new column with a new title. Rinse and repeat.

    But you’re not done yet.

    Go to Amazon and find books related to your niche, Mine the reader comments for the P, Q & Gs like above. Do the same for Yahoo Answers and Twitter.

    Next, when you think you are finished, look back and see how many entries you have in each column. Enter that number in the 2nd row of that column. for easy reference. The columns with the most entries will be the most pressing issues in your niche.

    Now, look back at the columns with the most entries and highlight the most passionate responses you recorded. These are the ones you want to use most in your marketing efforts.

    That’s my version of Veit’s marketing hot sauce.

  2. No script? :o) That’s okay. Many lessons in your video. Tangents for the unwary too. All good. Main lesson: Let your hands-on experience do the preselling, and put it in a good story. Also, your bandaged hand tells me that I didn’t almost fall off MY mountain bike a few days ago because I was getting stupider due to old age. We just do dumb things sometimes, like forget to snap a photo of a phenome like Heidi!



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