How to know what you’re good at

Two main lessons for you today:

1) how (NOT) to figure out what your market really wants, and
2) PO1: the power of one. (yeah, very cryptic, just watch the video;-)

and no ;-(, there’s no link as promised in the video – at the moment I’m winding down for the summer holidays (plenty of cycling, plus some dreaded trips to Ikea…), meaning I can’t commit to a specific date. (most likely towards end of August).

For the time being, leave a comment: what do you think? What would be YOUR biggest question for the “how to pick my PO1” webinar?





  1. As always, insightful video Veit – thank you!

    Hmm, this isn’t easy because I like a lot of areas of marketing…. In my specific case, I provide consulting & done-for-you services to small-to-medium offline businesses so really I need to provide a lot of different services. So I don’t have a pure online business (i.e. no info-products, no memberships, etc…).

    In any case, what I’ve found in marketing is that you need a quite a few elements to make something ‘work’. For example, I’m good at FB ads but I know that conversion campaigns won’t work without a good landing page and reasonably good copy (and understand as best as possible what the customer wants, of course).. So I really don’t know how I could focus on “P01” other than, of course, outsourcing. But I don’t like outsourcing either …lol.

    Anyway, any suggestions are welcome but if not, have a super holiday and look forward to your webinar later in August.

    Cheers, Andy

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