How To Get Started – The law of never-empty spaces

No matter how short the trip we take, our people-carrier is always full.

To the brim.

“just in case they don’t have olive oil … in Greece? Really???”

“yup, Just In Case”.


Now, when I go on a cycling tour, my saddle-bag is full to the brim too.

But I don’t have the luxury of JIC.

Instead it’s JIT: Just In Time.

Space is so limited, everything lasts just long enough to keep me going to the next supply station.

And no more.

And that’s pretty much Universal:

if there’s empty space, it’ll fill itself, almost as if by magic.

either with essential stuff in the case of JIT, or stuff you’ll unpack – all untouched – at the end of your holidays in the case of JIC.

Now, I’ve heard the oh-not-so-subtle distinction made (by a ‘guru’ who shall remain nameless) when it comes to “business opportunities”:

“entrepreneurs” are those who seek information JIT.

When they encounter a problem, they’ll seek the solution, then move on.

“opportunity seekers” on the other hand buy course after course.


The idea of this argument was of course to position “opportunity seekers” as people who don’t have “what it takes”, and hence get everyone to say “heck, I’m no opportunity seeker, I’ve got what it takes, I am an entrepreneur” (so you buy the expensive course).

Now, whilst there is some truth in it in the sense that filling empty spaces on your roadmap to success with “JIC” type information is a bad idea (how many unused courses are on your harddrive? How much time have you wasted on ‘never quite finished’ projects?) …

… it seems like noone is addressing the underlying question:


Why do ‘opportunity seekers’ follow the JIC model in the first place!

Turns out, it has NOTHING to do with not having “what it takes”, or being “addicted to shiny objects”, but ….

… instead it has EVERYTHING to do with not knowing what the *essential stuff* is in the first place.

Not knowing where to go, which path to take, which step to take first, which step to take after that and so on.

If pretty much everything looks like the answer to your question: “how do I really succeed online”, now that creates a LOT of empty space.

All to be filled with information of course.

Turns out:

NOTHING is more important than getting clarity on what specifically you want to achieve, and how to get there.

And once you’ve got clarity that, you no longer need to worry about all that stuff you now know you’re not going to do:

“social media”. Thanks, but no thanks, doesn’t fit with where I’m going right now. No JIC.

“product creation”. Thanks but no thanks, doesn’t fit my personality type, no JIC.

“video marketing”. Thanks but no thanks, ….

So, rather than tell you that you should “stop chasing shiny objects”, “stop jumping from one thing to another without ever completing anything”, or blame you for “not having what it takes”, we’ll show you “how to get started” and – more importantly – what are the individual steps you need to take afterwards, so you can truly live and work JIT style:

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