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so, the other day I showed you one of my collosal Internet marketing mess-ups, so here is a  case-study of how to do it right:

Tom McLellan has put together a round-table of Internet marketing experts, where they cover all kinds of very cool topics that are of interest to the IM community.

And before you know it, you have the “Startup Marketing Summit”.

So far, just like I did with my collosal IM mess-up #1.


Here’s what Tom did far better than me:

The big difference is that he has speakers who actually have lists, and not only that, but also have a ‘good’ relationship with their list. I never checked if they had lists, I never signed up to my speakers’ lists to figure out if they had a good relationship with that list

Lesson learned.

I know that Tom ticks both of those boxes, because I found out about this event by an email in my inbox. In this case Glenn Livingston of fame. (with Glenn’s and Tom’s permission, I’m copying Glenn’s email in down below)

The next thing Tom did way better than I did was to have some sort of ‘celebrity’ on board, in this case the guy behind the insanely viral “United broke my guitar” Youtube video.

So, not only a celebrity, but also relatively recent. And of course connected to a current topic, namely things ‘viral marketing’

Lesson learned.

Next, monetization

as you’ll notice in Glenn’s email, attendance is free (if you use the coupon code)

Now, putting on my marketing hat, here’s how/why that works

the normal price without the coupon establishes the ‘value’ of this marketing summit

With the coupon, you get a terrific bargain (my approach was just “hey, it’s free, take it or leave it”).

Now, as you’ll notice, these are live sessions. If you want the recordings, you can purchase them separately. And that’s how they monetize this model

Very nicely done, if you really want the information, it’s there for you for free, and if you want to go back to it again, well, you have the option of investing in the recordings

Lesson learned.

Now, here’s the thing: the overall model is very simple, relatively straightforward to set up and arrange, helps you build great relationships in your market, and – if and when done right (not snafu style) – can also make you a little money in the process. And of course build you a nice list of buyers.

Alrighty, I’m copying in Glenn’s email as it arrived in my inbox, meaning it’s Glenn’s link in there, not mine (actually, by clicking on it, you’re messing up his aweber statistics, so he’ll get more opens than he’s got people on his list, hehe;-)


Which brings me to another big issue or question I’m getting over and over again:

“but how do I get started in a new niche? I don’t know anyone in that niche…

well, in this case I’m putting Glenn’s email/link simply because he’s a cool guy, but think about: purely in Cialdini’s terms, what am I doing here?




Here’s Glenn’s email:






I just wanted to be sure you got this Veit…
because it’s FREE, useful, and fun 🙂

Free Pass to the Startup Marketing Summit (Online):
(Promo Code: 500SPECIAL)

If you could choose a marketing super power…what 
would it be?  Would you be an expert in conversion?  
Or a master storyteller who has prospects hanging on 
every word?  Or would you create winning offers with 
x-ray market vision?   

But there’s a dark side to such expertise.  Becoming 
strong in a single area is an easy way to let other 
marketing muscles go sideways.  Which tends to show up 
in the sales funnel.  

The solution?  Tapping into outside expertise and 
trying to see your sales funnel through multiple 

What if – over the course of 2 days – you could see 
your sales funnel from these perspectives? 

– The Conversion Master, rapidly improving conversion 
rates in a single bound…

– The Master Storyteller, able to entertain and 
educate while selling effectively…

– The Go-To-Market Strategist, defining and 
leading new product launches…

– The Market Intelligence Expert, seeing 
opportunities that are usually invisible…

– The Funnel Blender, ready to combine online 
and personal selling techniques…

– The Rapid Tester, leveraging PPC to rapidly test 
and refine new ventures…

All great perspectives, but the real question 
is which one would be most valuable to you right now? 

Whatever your answer, you can tap into that perspective 
by attending the Startup Marketing Summit online this 
Tuesday and Wednesday.  And while the regular pricing 
is $95, as a speaker I’m pleased to offer you a special 
Promo Code 500SPECIAL so you can get in for free:

But you’ll want to move quickly on this one as there 
are only so many free passes to go around.  

The format includes live, broadcast, and on-demand 
talks.  Watch for my presentation “Customer Insights & 
Compelling Offers: Top Techniques To Improve 
Product-Market Fit” on Wednesday at 1 pm eastern.  
And if you can’t make it, then you can get access 
to a replay.  

Just remember to enter the Promo Code 500SPECIAL 
so you get Full Access:


Dr. G 🙂



  1. Veit, Spot on with this info, you have to think strategically about everything you do in business. You need to think about how your prospects and clients will view the event and how you can monetize it without asking for payment from the get go!

    If something is free it still doesn’t mean people will take you up on the offer. You are still asking for something often more valuable than cash, their time. So presenting the value of the freebie is essential.

    I really appreciate your honesty, i have made all the mistakes too, the biggest mistake is taking no action for fear of failure. I now realize that it only by failing that I can learn new things!

    Thanks again and keep up the good work.

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