How to come across as human in your marketing

Hey there

just got an absolutely brilliant ‘thank-you/welcome’ message after ordering something on Amazon:


in case your German is a little rusty, here are the highlights:

Auch wenn dies eine halbautomatische Mail ist, so möchten wir Ihnen an dieser Stelle versichern, dass wir Menschen sind – die auch leider hin und wieder mal Fehler machen.” ->

translates to:

even if this is a semi-automated email, we’d like to assure you that we are humans, and unfortunately make mistakes from time to time

This immediately got me hooked, it’s SOOOO different from the usual “corporate BS”.

They acknowledge that it’s a (semi?)automated email, so already I’m thinking “ok, they don’t think I’m an idiot, that’s nice”

But, it gets even “nicer”:

Um genau zu sein, sind wir inzwischen vier Personen, die mit diesem Handel in Selbstständigkeit arbeiten.

translates into:

more specifically, we are now 4 people, who are self-employed and selling on Amazon”  (the literal translation is a bit rubbish;-)

Anyway, now they really come across as human, they tell me that it’s a small outfit (now I’m even more forgiving should something go wrong) and they’re self-employed (how could I ever be angry at a fellow self-employed person?)

I order a ton of stuff on Amazon (far too much according to Fiona…), and this is the first welcome message that made me sit up … and – probably more importantly – add a “must leave feedback” to my to-do list!!!

So, well worth modeling (unless you want to come across as a cold corporate monster;-)





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