How to become an expert overnight – The Sandpaper strategy!

Q: How do you make a lot of money?

A: By becoming the “go-to” expert in your niche.

And if there are too many other experts one could “go-to”, then you simply define a new niche (how’s that for a summary of the Blue Ocean Strategy?;-)

Q: How do I become the “go-to” expert?

A1: you follow the gurus’ advice, and read 4 books.

That way you “know more than 99% of the population and you’re now an expert”.

Until someone asks you a question that requires real understanding …

… et voila, there you are, without undies in the spot-light of “you’ve been caught faking it”.

And why not …

… plenty of people sizzle away happily, as there are apparently enough people who don’t really want the steak.

But, deep down, you probably don’t buy into the “4 books strategy” because you know it’s fake.

So, how about

A2: The “big boy pants” version of “how to become an expert over night”.

You do the freakin’ work.

Yes, this is about as comfortable to hear as using sand-paper instead of undies …

but THAT’s the way you become an expert!

Here’s an example:


What is it?

Well, that’s me running a large number of FB advertising campaigns and every single hour pulling out all the click-numbers, conversion rates, costs per click, the revenue generated and so on.

Then put it all into a spreadsheet.

And really go through the numbers.

From 8am until midnight. What you’re seeing there is the last 5h of the day…)

it was bloomin’ exhausting!

and I learned more than you’ll ever learn by reading any number of books!

(not to mention made a shed-load of money with those campaigns – this is today’s snapshot … the 3 days before it weren’t too shabby either…)fbPromoJVZooStatsNot bad for a night with Excel, ey?

(and yes, there are FB ads to pay for …. total ad-spend was less than 1-fifth throughout the entire 3-day campaign.

And that’s me testing a shed-load of campaigns that ultimate didn’t work… in other words: I was getting paid quite handsomely to learn a new skill)

In the image above, the stuff in red: NOBODY ever tells you about that.

(and btw, FB’s system does overcharge from time to time … it’s a bit like that example of where some crook takes $0.01 from a million people’s accounts … they wouldn’t really notice … but, do it often enough, … well, you get the idea.

I have the impression, these ‘glitches’ just happen from time to time … poor Facebook;-)

Also learned how NOT to scale up campaigns.

(haven’t figured out how to scale them correctly without bumping into yet another FB glitch…. that’s for another “expert in a night session”)

Again: this kind of stuff is ‘sanitized out’ of pretty much all courses and books.

So, forget about the idea of becoming an expert overnight by reading 4 books.

Instead, get uncomfortable for a day, or 2.

Sand-paper undies on, Excel up and running, and off you go.

Now, if this lil’ rant is chafing ever-so-slightly, here’s the rainbow part:

Your prospects are NOT after the regurgitated s**t they can read online anyway.

People turn to experts to save time.

And most time is wasted when you bump into stupid obstacles NOBODY EVER TELLS YOU ABOUT!

and then you waste a ton of time trying to figure it out.

So, anyone who can help me overcome *real* obstacles is a GO-TO expert, no matter if they have the diploma or not!

So, if you ever feel that “your stuff isn’t good enough” and you’re not an expert …

… all you need to do is figure out where people are REALLY struggling, and go figure it out.

In the sense of:

get uncomfortable with it.

Then let your prospects know that you’ve got what it takes!

over’n out

Veit “sandpaper undies” S.

PS: The thing I’m really really (that’s 2 ‘really’s) good at is email-marketing.

(which incidentally took a few more ‘overnight sandpaper’ sessions to figure out … just today, studying an email by Daniel Levis, boom, another insight into what NOT to do with email…. actually, I’m confident what I figured out there is going to revolutionize the way you reactivate old leads who’ve stopped listening to you …)

Now I’m adding “getting really good” (that’s only one ‘really’) at building lists with FB traffic.


Because a lot of people can figure out/copy the methods for driving lots of FB traffic.

But converting it into happy buyers and building real assets (based on a great relationship) is a whole different story.

Which is of course where email-marketing comes in …

as they say: the fortune is in the follow-up

Now there’s a “go-to” skill one or two people (and countless companies) are very happy to pay top $ for ….




  1. Veit, that’s the best post I’ve read from you this year. Right from the heart of someone who actually DOES IT!

  2. Gosh Quentin stole my thunder.

    I’ve always liked sandpaper… never liked undies!

    (there’s an image to conjure… not). When I was a

    wanderer I carried different types & grades of

    sandpaper & emery paper for all sorts of uses…

    except undies 😉

    In my wanderings I also enjoyed learning how other

    people felt about that “specialty” that transformed

    their lives (not always for better). Many told me that

    they needed to broaden their horizons by both studying

    an unrelated discipline &/or travelling to experience

    other aspects of life. The theme that kept coming up

    was experiencing this thing… getting your hands

    dirty, annoying your brain with challenging

    concepts… & a first (learnt today)… wearing

    sandpaper undies!

    Becoming an authority is a lifelong process. Each day

    we learn of new insights into our own field of

    endeavor. In today’s world we often get more than one

    new insight a day! Bindi’s area is related to yours

    Veit & she must do 30 hours professional development a

    year just to stay registered. Bindi does more than 100

    hours a year… simply because she wants to

    understand at a deeper & deeper level the magic of

    these gifts she has honed to a set of incredible

    offerings to her clients.

    The next bit of this story (started more than 9 hours after the last 2 paragraphs) is that Bindi is a data junkie. We create endless spreadsheets of many different aspects of her work. We trawl through these often enough (not frequently) to extract clues about how to better reach that person that is just plain scared, embarrassed, angry or any combination of those & a dozen other emotions to begin the journey to a life beyond the one that made them seek out the Bindi’s of this world. Once those people start with Bindi they DO overcome “real”, “imagined” & “unimagined” obstacles. Crikey, I’ve just realized Bindi would (does) make a damn good marketer!

    I must stop this… bed is calling. As I’ve said to you before Veit… annoyingly good stuff… can’t wait to see the phenomenal follow-up.

  3. Norma Rickman says:

    Great post! I took exception to someone who posted on FB, “You can be an expert in only 10 hours!” I said, “Well, if I needed a heart surgeon, I’d sure as hell pray they had more than 10 hours practice. ” What a load of bovine excrement.

    And Daniel Levis? He is one amazing marketer. Few tell stories like he does. If you can get your hands on his “Effortless Influence: The Art of the Sales Story,” I highly recommend it.

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