How to achieve $10.000/mo (and how not to)

so yesterday someone tells me what his goal is for 2014:dollar-157904_640

in 2014 I’ll go from 0 offline clients to $10.000/mo
Here’s my response:

Awesome! That’s a great goal to have and very achievable when you provide value.

2 observations that may help you get there even faster:

There are 2 inherent problems with the $10.000 objective:

  1. As long as you’re focusing on the money (and in particular: how to make those $10k for YOU), your mind is going to focus on, well, the money. The opportunities to make money. The real secret to making money, and lots of it, is to focus on the value you can provide.

    then, (as long as you’re open to receiving money, i.e. you don’t have any deep psychological aversion to making money (like childhood indoctrination that “money is bad”)), you’ll make a whole lotta more $ than when you’re focused on the $ themselves.

    And typically, the whole process is a lot more fun for everyone involved.

  2. In this case, you want to go from 0 offline clients to making $10k/mo. Well, a couple of things:
    starting with 0 clients means you have no experience making any $ with “offline”.
    meaning: the entire plan is something that’s not based on experience, but instead on conjecture. Often enough stuff others have told you (either in person, or through a sales-letter that sells the dream).

    In this case, you’re much better off focusing all your energy on getting that first offline client. And finding out how you can REALLY provide value to them.

    Secondly, the aim of $10.000 is not something you can control (as weird as that sounds;-). For some odd reason, the government may outlaw “offline consulting”. (or, heck, just regulate the wild-wild-west of “consulting” and require everyone to pass an exam).

    So, “making $10k is not something you can control directly”. Especially when you’re operating on the *assumption* that you’ll make money, instead of looking at your experience, and your established marketing funnels that deliver prospects and clients at a predictable rate!

    So, my adivce: Focus on something you can control. Like committing to contacting 100 prospects by phone. Or sending out 100 direct mail pieces. Good golly, I know, that’s nowhere near as sexy as dreaming of making $10k/mo, but believe you me, it’ll get you there much quicker!






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