How subtle signals can make a massive difference

earlier today I did a review and had to illustrate the point of how “subtle changes” can have a big impact.

Here’s a short snippet that highlights the main point:

The key thing here is NOT that I’m ranting or in some way dismissing what Marie Forleo is doing on here site, but instead … well, you see in the video.

Probably even more important than the ‘obvious’ result is … that she may even do that on purpose!

Ask yourself this: who is her target audience? What are they aspiring to achieve? What have they quite possibly been struggling with? And what is it they’d like to be able to do? (and never dared to)

in that light … does the one ‘thing’ I so violently react to in the video perhaps even make sense?

As you see: subtle changes, massive difference!

your thoughts? Answer YOUR take on the questions above, and leave a comment below!





  1. Phil Tozer says:

    Alright, you have me here… I’m not sure what is so wrong. She offers a 3 part business course… pretty vague, but, able to mean I will learn about business… what business… if you are intrigued have a look!

    I googled business skills training & got 432,000,000 hits. There are definitely people wanting me to learn their version of business skills training.

    So I do need to know whether you think it is too vague? Cheers Phil Tozer

  2. I think Veit is objecting so ‘violently’ to the dismissive/condescending looking ‘posture’ Marie is taking in that video.. I mean with no direct/face-on eye contact… no?

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