How much practice do you do every day?

How much practice do you do every day? Well, there are 2 lessons in this video:

Lesson #1: Practice. Practice. Then Practice some more.

HOWEVER, here’s the thing, as Neil Murton, official copywriting ninja says:

Practice does not make perfect. Practice makes permanent.

Yes, it’s important to practice every day. However, your practice has to go outside your comfort zone ALL THE TIME. If you keep doing the same thing as yesterday, you’re not progressing!   So, without much further ado, the ‘war ‘n peace version of my email’:

hey there, well, what a response to “The Universe is telling me something“. Lots of subscribers reaching out to me, many of whom I’d never met before. Thank YOU! Including the ***worst writer in the world*** who is still creating a full-time income with Kindle books;-)

do you want to hear from her? Let me know, and I’ll see if we can arrange an interview!

******** TOP PRIORITY: TEST FAST **********

So, one of the responses was Michael who was asking for advice on what to sell & how to sell it to local businesses:

“But all this mobile stuff I still wonder about

* Should I offer it or not?
* My idea is faster [removed for privacy]
* Keeps their branding and no complex toiling with their main site & webmaster.
* Attracts the call (w/ no dialing) and delivers [removed for privacy]
(if they are not already using something like it which I would research the best local hits)
* So… is it worth hitting up this type of offer sending out 100 post cards?
* If so what to charge? $297?
* Hit Craigslist ads too?
* I have templates I can manipulate just stuck in the middle of the road on it.”

Digest of response: take whatever is ready, put it in front of people, see what their response is. then build up from there. Do NOT build something out or learn skills you may later find noone wants:

the short answer is: whip up an example and hit the road – forget about 100 post-cards, that’s hiding.

hiding behind a workaround around the the inevitable rejection – not everyone is going to get it and say “thanks, but no thanks”. That’s just the way it is.

if you go to 10 biz and you can’t anyone interested, then that suggests the idea may not be so hot.

but, if a few bite, heck …

I’m not doing any mobile over here in Germany as we are 10 years behind the US when it comes to new technology. And I certainly don’t do anything related to restaurants over here, they tend to be the worst possible customers when it comes to paying their bills…. The next thing I’d suggest is: don’t under-charge. Ok, maybe use this for leadgen, but then go for the bigger deals. The worst thing they can say is “no”. Then again: over here, restaurants suck because they make no money, in the US that may be different.  

If you’re doing local & want to use videos as your angle, I suggest you check out this: templates. Lots of them. For different niches.

  1. put these in front of prospects.(as they are, don’t edit!)
  2. if they WANT them, cool, adapt them.
  3. ask: what else can I help you with.


******** MASSIVE FB FAIL ***************

turns out, FB can slap advertisers. Not ban their accounts, just slap them with wildly inflated ‘suggested bids’. Ouch, our Experience.IM case-study has never been more ‘real’ … coz I got slapped, doh! Time to dig ourselves out of it…

Here’s what happened: we ran a bunch of ads, some of them rather ‘out there’, simply to see what the response would be. Because, as we all know, you just don’t know what your market is going to respond to. Well, in this case, they responded as we’d expected, and didn’t click on the ads. Meaning: extremely low CTR. And FB doesn’t like that. So, they slapped us with HIGH ‘suggested bids’. In other words, they’re saying: if you want us to keep showing your non-converting rubbish, you have to pay us a lot of money. s**t. But, hey, another interesting learning. Pushed the boundary, now definitely outside comfort zone. But, soon, we’ll know how best to deal with it, and we’ll be back inside the comfort zone. Except: it won’t be the same as before, but a bigger one. And if I find what I’m hoping to find, there’ll be a nice product or service in it too;-)

************ GOAL SETTING **************

Well, the Universe told me to tell you this:

  1. to win, you have to be known as THE expert for ONE thing. (e.g., you’re THE goto-guy for offline video).
  2. to win, you have to accept those who believe in the thing you believe in. And reject all others. Extremely hard to do in practice. Because we want EVERYONE to love us, and love our stuff. Hard to say NO. Problem: everytime you say YES to someone who is not qualified, you’re at the same time saying NO to someone who is qualified!
  3. to win, you have to walk the freakin talk! I mean, c’mon, when you’re positioning yourself as a marketing expert and charge for your services, SURELY, you can do better than selling me “over 22 lectures and 4 hours of content”. “Yeah, 22 lectures, honey, check this out. 22 lectures, and woah, over 4 hours of content” (lol, you should’ve seen my wife’s face when I did actually shout those words across the house a second ago…
    click on the image to see the full-size version

    click on the image to see the full-size version

  4. to win, you
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    have to set goals that are aligned with your passion. “making 6 figures and only working 4h a day” is NOT a passion!

anyway, got a massive cold, so I’ll sneak back to bed….;-) have a fun-filled day! Veit

Veit PS: There’s a second lesson in the violin video, and it’s entitled “women are control freaks” … more on that in the future.  


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