HOW? Are You Going To Win With Internet Marketing!?

A couple of days ago I promised to give you “the one” shift in mindset that separates the winners from the losers, the men from the boys, those who ultimately succeed and of those who will continue to buy lottery tickets.

And that “one” magical ingredient is all related to the question HOW?

You see, a couple of days ago we first looked at the WHY? – which is basically the fire in your engine, the fuel that gets you going even when the going gets tough.

Then, yesterday, we had a look at the WHAT? – Which is your “moral compass” which helps you make all the right choices whenever you’re facing yet another obstacle (and overcoming obstacles is basically the job of the entrepreneur).

If you don’t have the WHAT? in place, and you happen to make decisions that violate your “moral compass”, your subconscious will do everything in its power to sabotage your efforts to do something you deepdown really do not want to do.

Which brings us to the HOW?:

superficially, the HOW? Is about selecting a business model, or monetisation model that lets you get into flow (a.k.a. make shed loads of money  whilst doing the things you are willing to do and happy to do, and not doing the things you are not willing to do)

And, whilst that is a very important and absolutely must be in place for you to succeed, there is a much deeper, more powerful  HOW? question:

HOW are you going to approach this new business of yours?

You see, Internet marketing  is more than just a project. And it’s not just an “industry”  or a niche.

Internet marketing is a profession!

If you do it right, and take the right approach, it’s truly a career choice!

Remember the example of our live  sales workshops I mentioned a few days ago?

The few individuals who truly stood out, and climbed the success ladder faster than anybody else?

turns out, without fail they are the ones  who come to our workshops  with one aim in mind: improve their skill set.

Meaning: whenever there is  a practical exercise, they are the first ones to raise their hand and volunteer.

they don’t mind “getting it wrong“, or  at “looking like  fools” when for example we are doing video recordings of mock sales pitches.

they attend of these workshops to get continually better at the  skills that are required for them to excel at selling, their profession!

And those who are struggling?

Well, they attend the same seminar, they even take the same notes, but they are the ones who are focused on totally different outcomes:

  • they are looking for shortcuts (“Dr Schenk, can you give us ONE objection handling technique that handles ALL objections?“)…
  • they are looking for “the perfect timing” (“isn’t there an angle I can use to take advantage of the Christmas sales rush? … Can I somehow get on the forefront of this whole social media thing?…”)…
  • they are looking for “better positioning” (“how can I really stand out from the crowd, how can look better than my competitors…???“)…
  • And of course they are looking for luck, hoping for that one big hit, the one big account they are going to land (and then complain bitterly when HQ sends in the big guns once it starts looking likely that that big account is actually going to materialise)


At these workshops we can usually tell within minutes who the “amateurs” are, and who are the “professionals”


The professionals understand and appreciate that it takes around 10,000 hours of repeated practice to truly master a skill.

So they get busy!

And with every hour of practice they not only get better results, …

… but they also know they are yet another hour further away from all the amateurs who are “hoping” for the big hit, hoping to land the big account, hoping to discover the latest and greatest shortcut, hoping to do stumble upon a great positioning trick…

Here’s the thing:

Internet marketing is extremely forgiving!

Meaning: you can very quickly earn whilst you learn.

But really, until you shift your focus to the “learning”, and simply let the “earning” be a side product or bonus that may or may not materialise more or less quickly, you are still stuck on the wrong side of the amateur-professional divide!

So the one and only thing (“the one” that makes all the difference) you need to DECIDE is this:

Are you an amateur or a professional?

And if you decide to go “pro”, ask yourself this:

What are the things I SHOULD be doing to improve my skills as a marketer?


What all things I am CURRENTLY DOING that NOT helping me improve my skills as a marketer?

(LOL, if you’re looking for the pro version of the above, simply ask yourself this whenever you have to make a decision: “is this making me a better marketer?“)

And if you’d like some help at becoming a better marketer, keep an eye on your inbox, because I have something in the works that should just do the trick;-)

(Something along the lines: Veit’s 7 years (a.k.a.: 10,000 hours)  of actually doing this Internet marketing thing distilled into the core “make me a better marketer skills”-sessions ALONG WITH us creating the actual framework (site, landing pages, ads, mailing list…) So you can implement and test, and hence EXPERIENCE this marketing “stuff”… Aka: improve your SKILLS.)

Go pro! & Have a fabulous start to 2015!






  1. Nice article Veit. I agree with your statement “you can very quickly earn whilst you learn”. I have been learning for 3 years now and occasionally have a payday. Yesterday I picked up a cheque for US$400 which emanated from one of my early “forgotten” sites, which proves that even something that you create while you don’t know much can still generate a return.

    Another thing to learn from this is to never trash your old sites, unless you have a good reason to do so. Just leave them be, they are just as valid as the your latest creation.

    Happy New Year,

  2. Sound advice. One thing i might add is too also get doing. Learning is one thing but if you don’t do something with what you have learned it’s all for nothing.


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