Great example of how to do “video-marketing” right

outstanding example of “how to do a sales-video” case-study for you: (it’s a guitar-video, so not me talking, but you’ll see a whole bunch of examples of ‘how to do it right’:)

(also has a whole bunch of snafus in it, but even with those in it, it’s full of ‘marketing-goodness’;-)

Leave a comment below: which ones can you spot?



PS: regarding mailX, the plot thickens:

as you can see from the comments on the previous post, mailX is a blatant rip-off (in almost any respect).

But, to make things even more interesting, here’s a little twist:

I sent my review video to Radu BEFORE mailing you. In the sense of: hey, check it out, so you have time to respond (and had there been a good response, I would quite possibly have changed my review/view).

Anyway, the only response I got was: (… “sorry, swamped…”) “I can get your video to the developer”:


Ok, sounds good, why not.

Now, I’m talking a a software development company independently, and they tell me something along the lines “sorry, we’ve been super-busy with a launch we’re helping with, it’s a product called ‘mailX’)

So, just by chance I’m talking to the guys who did the port from ‘standalone’ to the ‘cloud-based’ version that’s for sale.

And did they ever get my review video from Radu?


(and considering that the original developers on codecanyon aren’t exactly pleased about Radu’s shenanigans, I doubt it’s them he’s forwarded the video to)

And le voila, another ‘marketer’ on my ‘avoid like the plague/not-to-be-touched-with-a-barge-pole’-list.

Yeah, after reading his comment, I now realize that he “can” forward the video, nowhere did he promise he actually would. But WTF?

Anyway, reason for the lil’ rant:

If in this industry, your mindset isn’t one of “serving” (without being “self-serving” first and foremost), then … heck, I was going to be polite, but I’ll put it this way: go to hell!

(and from a “less-personal-more-business-oriented”-perspective: yeah, there will always be some innocent, ignorant, overwhelmed and desperate prospects who’ll fall for snake-oil … BUT: social media is doing a fabulous job at outing bad practices and shutting down the scammers. So, ultimately, you’re better off focusing on providing value first and foremost. The money will follow automatically)



  1. You had me at thinkens plot…so many fail to see the genius in that statement… Cheers. Was going to avoid the whole mailx thing and now extra glad I finally overcame my typical shiny object syndrome.

  2. Gosh I have no idea what the snafus were… I was too busy dreaming of learning all those tricks & entertaining hot ladies with my “tonic”!!!… ;)))

    I certainly knew his OTHER main sites by the end of this. I guess he did suggest you could leave if you thought you knew ALL ABOUT 5 titles… BEFORE we knew his take on them.

    Perhaps he could have blended the 5 ideas into a take away nearer the end of the video. After that it would be easier to link the other videos to all 5 of the ideas he wanted us to understand.

    Just gotta brag… I knew ONE of the 5 ideas… knowing something is MILES different than DOING IT.

    Great lesson from you… great ideas from Eric.

    MailX deserves this…

    Cheers Phil Tozer

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