Full-time Income From Just ONE SINGLE BLOG

How would you like to:

  • make a full-time (6-figure) income from just ONE SINGLE BLOG?
  • have 10.000 unique visitors to your blog every day (using just free traffic)
  • have 3 best-selling products in the market-place, in one of the most competitive niches out there
  • connect with the ‘big dogs’ in your industry

all whilst

  • not working like a dog all day long
  • achieve this within 6-12 months from now
  • remain a ‘normal’ human being in the process
  • and not requiring any super-human skills to begin with?

well, that’s exactly what Rusty Moore has done/is doing, and here you can hear his story.

Make sure to have pen and paper at the ready, there is a TON of great content in this interview!

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Here are Rusty’s sites:


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  1. Hey Veit. great stuff. It’s hard to believe that you can just create a blog in a super competitive niche like weightloss/fitness and rank organically but this is similar to a strategy that was recommended by a Million dollar product guy that said the most consistent strategy he has found is to find a market that is competitive/people are creating products in and is a market for something that you can stick to and have interest in. This strategy has been in the back of my mind knowing I should just do it so I am building a long term asset(I am doing to do it in the stock market niche)

    Everyday create 1 blog post and 1 offsite promotion activity to your blog everyday(like a blog comment or youtube video or create a new relationship) and get the point to where you can do it in less than 1hour a day. Has a chart everyday where you mark it off what you did and keep track of you opt-ins count and do it every day for 90 days to start seeing success. That way you at least accomplish something everyday and it will build up.

    ps- regarding getting old in your interview, I had developed back pain randomly despite being in good shape and it was awful. Went to every specialist imaginable. I even owned a domain I was going to build out for back products/ecommerce but since no products worked for me I lost interest in building it out and just left the domain with some articles for seasoning. A $15 book(“Foundation: Redefine Your Core”) changed everything for me(completely cured me) and recommend to anyone wanted to increase core strength/flexibility. I recently changed the domain homepage telling my backpain story……www.backpainhq.com

    • Hey Brian, did I really say I’m getting old? Surely it was “I’m getting middle-aged!;-)”.

      send me an email – want to talk to you re back-pain (although mine’s gone now after a few months of doing a regular programme at the gym…)



      • Don’t laugh Veit; I thank God for chiropractors but the first thing I do if my back hurts is slacken my belt! You’d be surprised how a tight belt can pull your back out of alignment.

        C ya,


  2. Hey Veit,

    Interesting strategy… As Dan Kennedy says: One is the biggest enemy of any business. This kind of venture only works consistently by combining blogging, social media (FB and YT) and list building, maybe even some offline marketing tools (direct mailers, print ads etc.) to get as many traffic sources with positive ROI as possible.
    The power of “Why” also works here, therefore any niche you’re passionate about (and where money is spent) could become a viable business.
    As Seth Godin says: A musician needs only 3000 Fans who buy one CD per year to live comfortably 😉

    Cheers, Alex
    P.S. Did you change anything with the comment system or your blog theme?

    • Hey Alex,

      and who is going to argue with Dan Kennedy?

      here’s the thing: of course Dan Kennedy is right in saying that if you’re relying on just one stream of traffic, you’re on thin ice.

      But: the vast majority of people never figure out how to even make ONE method of traffic work, they are effectively stumbling in the dark. And as statistically speaking, stumbling in the dark is going to give you sub-par results, people the conclude that this one method doesn’t work.

      And then they take what they learning by stumbling in the dark (namely: NOTHING) to the next method, and do some more stumbling…

      and so the cycle continues (ending up in buying one shiny object course after another).

      All Rusty and I are saying here is this: make sure you make that ONE method work … and then of course, once you’ve figured out why and how it really works, then you can take what you’ve learned to the next method (and THEN Dan’s approach makes total sense, but only THEN: when you know what you’re doing.

      Incidentally, when you sign up for Dan’s materials (I highly recommend you check out at least his free stuff), the very first thing he tells you: stop stumbling, direct marketing is SCIENTIFIC!)

      So, yes, Dan is 100% spot on with “ONE” being the biggest enemy, but he also says that you first have to figure out how to make ONE work, before implementing them ALL.

      • Agreed… you really have to master one traffic source to make the system work, then maybe add a second – and in all cases: Build a tribe that is self growing by referrals.
        Direct marketing always was scientific (at least since the book ‘Scientific Advertising’).
        People can turn most Internet traffic sources into solid businesses, even with a loss leader, if they follow scientific process and test the hell out of their traffic 🙂

        Cheers, Alex

    • Alex,

      I recommend mastering whatever method gets you qualified traffic…and take massive action. Funnel that traffic into your list.

      When that traffic source dries up, master another…funnel on to your list. As long as you are building up that list, you have nothing to worry about. I have a list of a little under 100,000. If all traffic sources died…I’d still be able to generate a nice 6 figure income.


      • Hey, the man himself is in the house!

        thanks for dropping by Rusty, it was a real pleasure talking to you – and as you can see, your insights hit a real nerve!



  3. Joyce Morris says:

    Your creativity inspires me. This blog post on Full-time Income From Just ONE SINGLE BLOG | Online Rule is very well written and has high quality content. I would really like it if you could buy guild wars 2 and give me some comments too, thanks, thank you!

    • Joyce, WTF?

      Seriously, if you want a backlink to your games-site or whatever it is, make a freakin’ effort and contribute to the conversation.

      this is SPAM – stop poisoning the Internet with this crap and make an effort. Are you even serious about the site (apologies to all other readers, obviously I deleted the link to the site) – if so, why don’t you take it seriously and put in some work to get relevant links?


    • Hey Joyce,

      Methinks you didn’t even listen to Rusty and Veit, too bad. If you’re here, the take-away is that Google just did us all a big favor with their circus act; they cleansed the constipated SERPs, taking us back to the future… Opportunity. Just listen to Rusty and be real.

      You can do it ’cause you’re trying but don’t get lost in Kansas. That road leads to smackdown.



  4. Joyce,

    I’ve never met one single person who has ever made an income online doing what you just tried to do. Spreading your link around in blogs and forums, where the subject is totally unrelated never works.

    I don’t know what guild wars is, but if it is a big World of Warcraft type of game, you could build a niche blog around it. I know a couple marketers who make 6 figures per year selling gaming strategy guides.

    Anyway…I used to think that all you had to do was get your affiliate link in a million places and that would eventually make me money.

    What I have found is….No context = No money.

    You have to use your affiliate links in the context of helping people.


    • see, this is the kind of contribution, where I’d happily add a “do-follow-on-steroids” link or even add the anchor-text of your choice


  5. rusty, when you create your content do you worry about keywords and optimizing posts or do you just create stuff. I think they are so many sites out there with great content that never get traction. Seems people need to put just as much effort into promoting their content as they do adding content.

    I was thinking of going into the trading niche and there are millions of trading blogs but the hard thing is thinking how to differentiate. I guess my thought was trying to explain to people how to keep thinks simple in their trading rather than overcomplicate with endless indicators and junk(people get analysis paralysis in trading just like in IM).

  6. I commented on the “3500 domain” post that I was going to focus on just one site from now on – building a subscriber list to work with. What a surprise to pop over to this post and see Rusty’s story. I have been a “very silent” affiliate of Rusty’s programme for more years than I will embarrassingly admit to – he struck a real chord with his writings about how to build a business and it’s one of those things I was planning to do as soon as I got around to it and now realize that I never have.
    For a pretty bright resourceful guy I can be immensely dumb on occasion


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