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In my previous ‘focus made easy’ video, we looked at one of the main reasons why people keep buying courses, instead of knuckling down and ‘taking action’.

In today’s short video, I’ll show you another element of the equation, namely the part that let’s you ‘justify’ the purchase of yet another course, and another, without ever moving forward.


Because once you know how your brain tricks you into ‘justifying’ these purchases, you have a much better grip on the situation and you can stop it!

Let me know what you think!


PS: ah yes, it’s “Preserved” by Nick Sandler.



  1. There was a man wandering around in the market place, when suddenly from inside a dark side alley a man with a horse beckons him over. The man offered him a once in a life time opportunity to buy a race horse for only 50 bucks. He looked at the horse and sure enough it seemed to him to be a fine animal and for a mere fifty bucks how could one really go wrong?

    He paid the money and quickly led the horse home to his stable. The following day he discovered that the horse was totally lame in the one leg and the reason why he had not noticed it before was because the dodge sales person had driven nails into each hoof of the remaining legs to keep the horse from limping.

    Furious with this treachery the man went back to the market and shouted out for the person who had sold him the lame horse. After some time the sales person quietly approached the man and said to him that if he does not stop making such a scene he would never be able to sell the horse off onto someone else…

    Thanks for the video it made a lot of sense.



  2. Hi Veit
    Thank you so much for such an enlightening video, you have explained why I am not able to get out of the shiny object trap, that I have found myself trapped in. Apart from just giving up on not buying these things ,would you have any more advice on what is almost an addiction and how to stop this destructive action. I hope that lots of people who find themselves in the same situation get to listen to this and can see the light. Many thanks

    • Lawrence,

      I’ve spent the last 6 years looking for the perfect solution to this, and although there’s always room for improvement, I think I have a pretty good handle on this now … all will be revealed when I’m back from my Ireland trip (first week Sep)



  3. Veit, this post and video — and your older post and video on focus — are some of the most insightful, relevant and revealing commentaries that I have read in a long time. Maybe that’s because I have not read your blog and all of your other posts before now. 🙂

    I, too, am sometimes guilty of feeding my HAAMS by “investing” in products and courses. And then if I become overwhelmed, I look for a way to alleviate that feeling. (And we know what that next step is — another product or course.) 🙂

    Very recently I communicated with you, and you asked me how I was using the product I purchased.

    I did not respond. So now you know why.

    There is a Sufi story published by Idries Shah that I read a very long time ago about a man whose yard outside of his house was full of large holes.

    When a passerby asked him why the holes were there, the man who was the property owner replied, “Because I need a well. So I have been digging many places, but I have not found any water.”

    “The problem,” the passerby remarked, “is that you have not dug deep enough in any one hole to find it.”

    Regarding buying shiny new objects, I think there are a few additional issues that sometimes come into play.

    The first is the common IM use of scarcity tactics. They work. 🙂

    The second is the allure of the often greatly reduced launch price of IM products.

    I have had the experience of missing the cutoff date of a product launch window, and then have seen the price skyrocket into the stratosphere. And what do you think that did to my anxiety level? 🙂 Fortunately, logic and reality usually prevail — (ummm… usually!) — because the price has become unjustifiable to the point of overriding my brain stem’s primitive signals.

    For those of us who still do succumb to “impulse” purchases, at least I have found a way to help manage any subsequent letdown (which is rarely related to any poor performance of the product) as follows:

    Have you ever bought a product, and then the sales page — or especially the upsell/OTO page — disappears because the “limited time offer” or “one time offer” or scarcity tactic has done its job?

    I always — ALWAYS — save the sales page, sales videos AND any upsell/OTO pages to my hard disk while I am on the page of each step during the buying process in case I ever want to go back and see them again.

    And, you know what? Sometimes if I develop anxiety or buyer’s remorse over a purchase, if I go back and see my saved page(s) and/or video(s) again, this helps me to re-create and re-experience the appeal of the initial purchase.

    And sometimes if I am not using the product, it reminds me why I purchased the product or course, or it motivates me to use it.

    Maybe that’s just my way of re-living the positive visualization (like The Secret), or just my way of reducing cognitive dissonance. 🙂

    For whatever reason, it’s sure a lot cheaper than buying something else new! (Even though it may not have resolved the core issue.)

    Thank you so much, Veit, for your insights. And most of all, for sharing them! 🙂

    — Jeffrey

    • Hey Jeffrey,

      interesting strategy, saving the sales-page for future ‘viewings’ to motivate yourself.

      tell you what, I may just have something even better … I’ll be sharing that with my list very shortly (when I’m back from Ireland)



  4. hi Veit,

    In my case its not the shiny object but trying to get traffic. Instead of working on my site and creating content I keep chasing after traffic.

  5. I am doing much better now but for 2 years I have bought shiny objects and have probably over 100 that I have never used. Part of that is because I was convinced amazon affiliation was a great thing so I bought a lot of azon products, only later to decide it wasn’t so great – at least not for me. So i wasted a lot of money on that.

    As you or someone else mentioned, it is best to only buy what you can and will use NOW.

    I am trying to do that but I still get sucked in sometimes, thinking “I’m not going to use it NOW but I WILL use it SOON.” LOL. It’s the same as before – buying them and not using them. I also often tell myself about the hundred or so WSO’s I have bought: “Well, I WILL use them once I get these domains built!” [Who else besides me also has a lot of domains that are ready to be built but haven’t built them yet?)

    I also “excuse” myself from not getting all this stuff done by the fact that I have a j.o.b. 3-4 days a week and so don’t “have time” to get this stuff done. “If I had more time, I could get more done.” However I am skeptical that I would get that much more done because sometimes I do have time and still don’t get around to building those web sites for which I COULD use all those plug-ins, etc. for.

    All I can say is I AM getting better at not buying shiny objects; little by little I am buying far fewer.

    For fellow members of SOBA (Shiny Object Buyers Anonymous), I recommend the following:
    UNSUBSCRIBE from all mailing lists* re marketing, at least until you start taking action on all the ones you’ve already bought!
    *Except of course Veit’s, because he has the balls to tell you that you have a problem and shouldn’t buy shite you don’t need!

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