FBA Fasttrack – Q&A Session With Dave Tropeano

Had a great Q&A session with Dave Tropeano, the creator of FBA Fasttrack today.

There are already countless questions answered in the comments sections here, but in this Q&A session Dave and I go much deeper.

With questions like:

  1. what kind of person has the biggest chance of success with FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon)
  2. what kind of background is necessary, and what’s a ‘bonus’ to get traction fastest. (very surprising answer)
  3. is FBA best for ‘bootstrappers’ or do you need a large chunk of cash up-front?
  4. can you – and should you – outsource this … and when is the right time (and what kind of level of income can you expect when it’s just you and your spouse and your garage for storage)
  5. “will my product work on FBA” (this one got a big giggle and a very surprising and insightful answer)

and a ton more:


 right-click here to download the FBA Fasttrack Q&A transcript

Note: FBA Fasttrack closes tomorrow (April 30th)

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  1. Please send me the transcript when it’s ready.

    Thanks and Regards,

  2. Dear Veit,

    Thank you so much for your quick response.

    Actually just gone through a few of the pages, including MY QUESTION addressed on pg. 17. Great stuff!

    I am so in!

    Btw, good to know this great alternative from ASM. Was a bit sad to see the monies involved.

    They have packaged their product very well but it’s a tad bit expensive.
    For a first time investor especially.

    Not looking for a quick fix but, that fix was rather costly.

    Thank you for your time and you guys are pretty awesome. See you on the other side of the money!!!

    • lol, a ‘tad’ expensive is putting it nicely.

      now, don’t get me wrong, they do really good marketing, so it’s worth watching.

      But, as Dave & Andre say on their sales-page:

      they’d rather have you come in at a much lower initial cost and invest the money you saved into actually building an Amazon business.

      so, welcome ‘on board’ – and like I said: any questions, just let us know, we’re here to help!



  3. Many thanks and especially for the personal touch to responding to potential investor emails!


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