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Hey there, super-quick survey to see if you’re interested in FB Master Class, and if so, what you’d like me to look out for in an in-depth review (as in: what are you trying to achieve with having a solid “expert status” FB presence and driving positive ROI traffic from FB) [survey-snatcher id=”7″] (once you’ve pressed the grey submit button underneath the box, 2 things will happen: a) you’ll be forwarded to Mario’s sales-page, right now you can still download his free content which is pretty cool and got tons of great comments b) you’ll need to go to your inbox and confirm that you want to receive the in-depth review!

In the meantime:
no need to ‘worry’ about FB Master

Class going away, I understand the excitement of a launch, but the offer will be around for at least a week, so you’re ‘safe’ waiting for my review;-)



  1. What I want to use it for – obviously from an internet marketer’s perspective – is to monetize it. To sell a product of some sort.

    I think FB is useful only for viral topics, topics that meet the following critera:

    a) something people are enthusiastic or fanatic about. Hobbies, pets, or certain subjects that make people want to talk about and share about.
    NOT products of mundane variety (like my main bread and butter product), and NOT products that people don’t like to talk about even though they NEED to buy (acne relief, hypothyroidism, hemmorhoids… ) ;-D

    b) something easily monetized. For example people are enthusiastic about politics and love to talk and share about it; BUT it’s hard to monetize that.

    I’ve tried putting ads for products of a mundane variety on Facebook and the ads just don’t work very well. Maybe I’m not doing it right (even though I followed a system via a wso). It may be possible to sell everyday type products via facebook ads, but I thnk it’s very tricky to get right.

    Some say FB is a great money maker but I think the only way to do it is within a niche that is a viral type niche where you can accumulate a huge number of followers in an easily monetizable niche. Finding that niche that is ready for followers and offering something they don’t already have via other FB pages, is the hard part imho.

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