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  1. Not familiar with Facebook, as I feel it is a waste of time. However, you made this interesting, I am not a zoomba dancer nor an expert in anything. Just a master of many trades…

    • Hey Paul,

      I’d say “yes”, it’s a waste of time when you spend time on FB like most people do: post innane drivel to kill some time.

      I’d say “no”, it’s not a waste of time when you use it for what it’s really good for: building engagement with your target audience.


  2. Tristan says:

    This was a really interesting video and I have learned a lot from it. I have a page which I have set up recently about a particular make of car and I am posting pictures to it which was just pure curated content.

    I am now thinking of a way to make it about me, to make it mine. To show people that this picture that they are liking is coming from me, I produce this content and I am the place to come to and to come back to for more of this content.

    I am just starting out with this, so I am bound to make some mistakes, but that’s all part of the fun of internet marketing and social media.

    I will keep you updated as to what happens with the new information I have learned here today.

    Thanks for the very informative video Veit.

  3. Veit,
    You are freaking AWESOME. I loved the video. I need to make a FB page in the weight loss market. It’s about my own story on how I lost 67 pounds in 5 months. I have to say it… I’m pretty scared about it. It’s a BIG market and I know that I must positioning myself in a very unique way. Thanks.

    Best wishes,


    P.S. BTW, just bought “Likeable Social Media” (Kindle edition)

    P.S.: Sh*t! I’m just realizing it right now! You made me take the action to buy the book and I didn’t come here to buy anything! I only wish you had your own product about Facebook Marketing.

    • Hey Nat,

      hehe, I didn’t put together the page with the intention of selling anything … spooky;-)

      re weightloss – my personal tests indicate that it’s indeed a very hard market to break into, there’s a lot of free info out there and you have to do something pretty spectacular to really stand out.

      then again, 67lbs is pretty spectacular…


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