FB Capture – Genius little script solves HUGE FB Problem

here’s a little ‘sneaky’ script called “FB Capture” where the idea is true genius, the marketing is … .well, let’s say “lacking”:

what is “FB Capture”, what does it do for you, why is it genius:

this thing builds Facebook “Website Custom Audiences” even when you send traffic to affiliate offers.


the traffic doesn’t have to go to your site AND you still get to capture them so you can market to them again.

I give you an example:

we just paid for FB ads that drive visitors to Don Wilson’s FB Ads Cracked.

699 clicks over the last couple of days to be precise:

699 clicks and no idea who clicked on fb ads cracked reloaded

Problem: I have NO idea who these 608 people were.

They’re ‘gone forever’ from my radar.

I can not follow up.

Which means the odds of making a sale are not exactly great … or, would be greatly enhanced, if I could follow up!

With the FB Capture plugin, YOU CAN!

Here’s how FB Capture works in practice:

when you send ANY traffic with FB ads, ANYONE who clicks, will be captured in something called an FB “Website custom audience”. (it’s like building a list, only it’s inside FB)

Here’s an example:

We’ve built a website custom audience from people who were interested in a low-cost alternative to ASM.

There are 4400 people in that audience – and now we can target them directly with our FB ads!

website custom audience examples1

This is SUPER-COOL (aka: genius) for 3 reasons:

Genius Reason #1: those who click are hot prospects!

Normally when you ‘scrape’, you get ALL prospects.

Or when you use “interests” in Facebook … you get ALL prospects.

Those who click on the other hand, are people who raise their hand and say “I’m interested!”.

You see, there are gazillions of people who are interested in using “Fulfillment by Amazon” to build a business, but 4400 were interested enough to raise their hand and say “tell me more!”

Which one do you think is an easier sale:

to someone who just happens to fit your target demographic …

… or someone who RAISES THEIR HAND and says: “yeah, tell me more!”

Easy, right?

Genius Reason #2: You can now do RETARGETING

Retargeting is THE cheapest and most effective way of marketing right now!

In most promos, you make a good 50% of your profits with super-cheap retargeting campaigns.

In other words: You can now FOLLOW-UP!

(as they say: The Fortune is in the Follow-up!)


You simply pick one of your new “website custom audiences” in your ad and now that ad is only going to be shown to your super-hot prospects:

using website custom audience


Genius Reason #3: WEBSITE custom audiences are NOT ‘scraped group audiences’.

In the eyes of Facebook, when you use WEBSITE CUSTOM AUDIENCES, everything is perfectly ok!

This is HUGE!

Right now, there’s a HUGE crack-down by Facebook on people who use ‘scraped’ custom audiences.

These are VERY different from Website Custom Audiences!

Scraping is when you go into groups and pull out all the members’ IDs.

Website visitors on the other hand are expected to be ok with being marketed to, so Facebook isn’t really looking at those as ‘dodgy’!


Now, I even wanted to have that EXACT functionality integrated into our afftraffic plugin (www.afftraffic.com) and was told by a number of programmers that it was NOT possible:


looks like Ben has managed to pull it off after all!

So, double thumbs up for something that’s

  1. super-useful (on 3 counts,see above)
  2. allegedly not possible (and with a bit of ninja-trickery, it now is;-)

It’s only $9, total bargain.

Even if you’re not doing FB advertising right now, just grab it, and when you’re ready, you have it at your disposal!

Get FB Capture here



PS: ah yes, why is the marketing ‘lacking’?

Because in his sales-video, Ben tries to go all fancy, and tell you it’s a magic bullet, and you build 100% optin lists and blah-blah.

C’mon, we’re all adults here.

it’s super-ninja, and does something really useful.

So, just say so!

heck, just for your amusement, here’s the conversation Alex and I had about it earlier today: (excuse the language….) (ah yes, and access is fixed now;-)


So, summary:

‘lacking’ marketing (which incidentally I’m pointing out to you so you study it and learn from it, not to be mean!) but a brilliant product!

get it now, thank me later:




PS: when you buy FB Capture, you get a nice lil’ bonus: a video + PDF course on remarketing;-)


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  1. Will this FB Capture script still work & be cool with the latest FB changes to the TOS?

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