EZ Popup review

this is a quick review of EZ Popups.

The demo popup is set to pop up after about 20secs  – feel free to click through, but be aware, when you sign up, you’ll be signed up to my main ‘OnlineRule’ list, as well as my Aweber “BKP” list, and my upcoming “T.O.M Webinar” (all about scaling an online business) mid-April – so you’ll probably get quite a few welcome messages – you’ve been warned;-)

Also, the first 3mins or so is about “WHY you should sign users up to several lists in the first place”, the last 3mins of the video are setup-tips so you can get started quickly with EZ Popups.

And here’s the official ‘demo’ video:

Click here if you want to get EZ Popups (opens in a new tab)


And just for kicks, here I’m embedding another optin form done with EZ Popups:

[ezpopups id=’6244′ /]



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