Epiphany! The counter-intuitive hidden obstacle to Internet Marketing success!

now, if you’ve been following my thinking on how to succeed with Internet Marketing for a while, you’ll know that I don’t buy into the idea that it’s a lack of motivation, or willpower, but instead something else.

Well, this morning I had a conversation with Pete where suddenly the light came on – it is willpower after all, but the solution isn’t to get more willpower (which, phew, is consistent with my previous thinking;-)

[10:10:07] Veit UB Schenk: lol, makes me laugh everytime I write “business partner” when at the same time I’m sitting at the kitchen table, unshaved, watching my daughter grind coffee for my next espresso whilst I “do business” on the iPad. Slight difference to the shirt ‘n tie days in the cubicle…
[10:11:13] Pete van Zijl: lol
[10:11:26] Pete van Zijl: that’s awesome – livin’ the dream
[10:13:30] Veit UB Schenk: dude (as they say), I’ve just had an epiphany writing the above.
[10:13:49] Veit UB Schenk: What’s the #1 reason why most people fail online? (in the MMO crowd)
[10:14:41] Pete van Zijl: they can’t focus and keep chasing dreams
[10:15:07] Veit UB Schenk: ok, I’ll condense “can’t focus” down to “willpower” (or lack thereof)
[10:15:40] Pete van Zijl: yes, absolutely
[10:16:02] Veit UB Schenk: What’s (probably) THE #1 skill you need when you’re sitting at your desk at home in your underwear, you’ve got a million things to do, and a gazillion distractions? (the answer is not very difficult….)
[10:17:24] Pete van Zijl: a plan or roadmap
[10:17:28] Pete van Zijl: (proven)
[10:18:09] Veit UB Schenk: true, but before that, again: willpower! More often than not, it takes sheer willpower to get the shit done, no matter how boring and how many distractions.
[10:18:28] Pete van Zijl: so true
[10:18:42] Veit UB Schenk: So, here you’ve got a lifestyle or approach to earning money that INHERENTLY requires a ton of willpower – it’s probably the #1 requirement to succeed.
[10:20:21] Veit UB Schenk: And who’s entering the industry? Tons of people who by nature already don’t have much willpower to begin with (most people are very good at ‘big dreams’, they’re creative, they’re great at starting stuff, but they’re certainly not very good at following through to the end. Including myself! I LOVE the creativity, I have to FORCE myself to finish stuff, it doesn’t come to me naturally
[10:21:13] Pete van Zijl: So do I – every single day I have to force myself to finish stuff
[10:21:15] Pete van Zijl: every day
[10:22:19] Veit UB Schenk: and still you’re getting shit  done. Same here.  It’s bloody single-mindedness and WILLPOWER.  Nothing else.
[10:22:59] Pete van Zijl: abso-bloodly-lutely
[10:26:34] Veit UB Schenk: the solution is super-simple: question for you: when you’re “in the zone”, you’re doing something you know how to do, and you know exactly what the next step is, do you struggle with willpower?
[10:27:33] Pete van Zijl: no, not at all – because I know what the results are once I’ve done it
[10:27:47] Pete van Zijl: example – writing an email sequence
[10:28:00] Pete van Zijl: once its done and loaded up I know it’s going to help pay the bills
[10:29:52] Veit UB Schenk: exactly, so the answer to the big problem (and shiny objects which are just a result of lacking the willpower) is “being in the zone”. How do you get there? Again, simple: by having a plan where you know exactly that it’s going to work for you. And then, at least initially, having a coach that helps you with the initial bumps until it all works and you’re in the zone.
[10:31:43] Pete van Zijl: absolutely right

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